Monday 19 June 2017

LEIGHTON DENNY Gets Us Ready For Summer

Marilyn Monroe famously sang, “we’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave”, and those words couldn’t be truer of the last few days in Britain. Spring is finally gone and we are now basking in the glorious summer sunshine. Alongside the heat though is the ever present goal of the perfect tan and unfortunately, if you’re like me, something to soothe a sunburn. The majority of summer products have the usual aroma of tiare flower and ylang-ylang, which make them difficult to use underneath your favourite fragrance, but Leighton Denny has solved this problem with two products from his Sunbelievable range.

The idea of moisturising the skin before applying fragrance is nothing new, we were doing it long before Coty even started producing a Christmas fragrance set. However, if you think about it, those first fragrance coffrets launched the whole trend for layering your favourite scent with the same body lotion or cream. This isn’t always as simple as it might sound though because some ingredients behave differently in different forms. So your matching cream might not always be exactly the same. This is where a delicately scented body cream can really be a winner and, thanks to Leighton, that is exactly what we have.

Many body creams end up being so highly fragranced that it becomes a battle with whatever goes on top, and gents usually only get the choice of a “matching” lotion or an unscented version. What Leighton has done with CREAM ME is to create a body moisturiser that works under any fragrance for both men and women. The reason for this is that the scent is very delicate, but you feel as if there is still something projecting. A subtle coconut aroma, and I mean just-cut not desiccated, is locked together again with a distant hint of citrus.

However, it is so much more than just a fragranced cream. The texture is almost whipped, which makes it easy to apply to the skin, and doesn’t leave an oily residue, which some others do. The Vitamin E and coconut oil, which you find in here, are standard ingredients in many creams, but with CREAM ME you really do feel like you are getting a luxury product at a very affordable price. The packaging for this, and the exfoliator, are impressively substantial and can easily sit beside your La Mer or Sisley in the bathroom.

Exfoliators come in many shapes and sizes, and also prices, but with SCRUB ME I was intrigued. The reason for an exfoliator is to “slough off” the dead skin cells to make your skin look smoother and also to make it more ready to tan, either naturally or artificially. SCRUB ME uses walnut shell as the mechanism to exfoliate and Ivory Palm to smooth, but scent wise you get a delicate amaretto note with a hint of citrus. It comes in a non-sticky gel form and even this lazy pamperer was hooked.

SCRUB ME and CREAM ME are both available by visiting the Leighton Denny website at priced at £15 and £16 … enjoy the sunshine!! [Samples provided by LD Boutique]

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