Monday 29 July 2019

4711 REMIX COLOGNE by Christiane Plos

Reinvention is something that we all must secretly wish that we could do at some time or another but it’s a concept that can be very dangerous for a perfume company. Many brands survive because of the loyal following of its fans and, if you start to alter things, they can easily start to look elsewhere for their fragranced fix. One company that has successfully managed to reinvent itself, and still kept hold of its followers, is 4711. The idea of modernising their classic scent may have seemed like sacrilege to many but, once again, this year’s Remix Cologne has been handled with a lot of tender loving care.

Thursday 25 July 2019

N°19 by SG79

It seems as if discovering the world of independent perfumery is a little bit like travelling around the globe at the moment. France, America, and the United Kingdom have always been centres for niche perfumers but, more recently, its influence has spread further afield. One of the latest sees a journey over to Stockholm in Sweden and the debut collection from SG79. The company promises “scents with no limitation to fashion or lifestyle, just fine fragrance for you to explore and enjoy.” With a range of eleven to choose from there is something for everyone, but I found N°19 to have an arresting delicacy.

Monday 22 July 2019


In the same way that some people have a “fragrance wardrobe” for different seasons, it’s not uncommon to see candles side-lined in the warmer months in favour of diffusers. Candles always remain popular for garden tables and alfresco dining but, inside the home, there is a definite pull towards the constantly scenting properties of a diffuser. There are many excellent ones on the market, even if they can often lack a certain originality, but if you’re looking to bring a little of the garden into your home then you need to discover Pause, one of Eloise Hall’s range of natural room diffusers that really are a breath of fresh air.

Thursday 18 July 2019

MON ÂME by 1907 Perfumes

When a new perfume company is launched it is often because the founder has a love of fragrance or has previously worked in the perfume industry. However, occasionally it is because there is already a family heritage that exists, whether it be dormant or not, and that sparks the idea to tread gently once more into a very overcrowded marketplace. With many brands vying for a piece of the pie, some carefully curated history can help to set you apart from the others. This is exactly what happened with Evka Škovranová when she launched 1907 Perfumes and, four years later, the beautiful Mon âme.

Monday 15 July 2019


The road to becoming a perfumer is an incredibly varied one with choices and sacrifices needing to be made from the very beginning. One of the biggest decisions though is whether to train privately or as part of an institution, or even to dispense with formal training all together. When Jessica Buchanan took the brave leap to move from western Canada to Grasse she really did put all of her eggs in one basket, but she was determined to succeed. Twelve years later she is the founder of her own company, 1000 Flowers, and the creator of the exquisite fragrances Réglisse Noire and Rose Cassis Paradis.

Thursday 11 July 2019

BLUEBERRY & BERGAMOT by The Otter Candle Co

When you’re launching a new brand it’s important to match the image to the product. This may sound like a very basic idea but, unfortunately, it is often something that is misjudged. Once the world has seen the way your company looks it’s very difficult to reinvent yourself. Now, major corporations can spend millions to get this right and so it always comes as a surprise when a small, independent company gets it right first time. The Otter Candle Co was launched in September 2018 and has managed to perfectly combine its playful scents with the cheekiness of the animal, but how do the candles actually perform?

Monday 8 July 2019

GUESS 1981 LOS ANGELES by Clément Gavarry

The perfumes that launch with the name of a fashion house or a celebrity on them are often looked down on by certain sections of the fragrance industry and also some customers. It is wrongly assumed that they will be low quality, unbalanced affairs that have been hastily put together and will disappear as quickly as they arrive. However, this isn’t the case and just as much effort often goes into them as you would expect from a Dior, a Chanel, or even a Guerlain. The latest fashion release is Guess 1981 Los Angeles and, if you’ve shied away from fashion houses in the past, you may be surprised by this beautiful summer fragrance.

Thursday 4 July 2019

NEROLI NUANCE by Prosody London

With the summer weather now starting to tease us with its sunshine warmth, it’s natural that our thoughts should turn to fragrances that have a more zesty edge to them. Our instinct is to reach for those gloriously mouthwatering citrus scents that accentuate the radiant heat or even the cooling aromatic ones if you long for a little respite from the constant humidity. Unfortunately, it’s pretty rare to find a perfume that truly offers a combination of the two, whilst also providing a depth of scent that can carry you well into the balmy evenings. However, that is until you try the devilishly sensual Neroli Nuance by Prosody London.

Monday 1 July 2019

OUD BOURBON by Byron Parfums

France is often referred to as the spiritual home of the perfume industry and it’s one of the many reasons why people still pilgrimage to the country in a quest for scented inspiration. You have the perfume attractions in Grasse, including the famous Institute of Perfumery, but there is also a lot happening in the nation’s capital. Paris boasts numerous fragrance companies and perfumers ready to create whatever is required, but it also promises something a little different thanks to the niche houses that have sprung up. One of the newest is Byron Parfums, and its current collection of five fragrances is intriguing.