Monday 25 February 2019


When a company decides to launch a new fragrance, the decision faced is whether to branch out in a totally new direction or to trade on familiarity. A scent that is already well known has the advantage of being recognisable and, with careful branding, you can really capitalise on this. One company that have built an entire series around this idea is Estée Lauder and their Beautiful collection. The quote, “You are never too old to reinvent yourself” could have been written about Estee Lauder’s Beautiful Belle, the latest addition to the series, but will it be a permanent addition or a merely a two-year novelty?

Monday 18 February 2019

BERGAMOT by Herba London

Independent perfumers seem to be multiplying at an astonishing rate in the United Kingdom but “quantity” doesn’t seem to have diminished “quality” in this ever-expanding market. Whilst some have a small team to help with every aspect of the production, others really are one-person operations. However, being independent from large corporations means that these perfumers are free to create without the constraints of trend or fashion, and the results are often remarkable. Last year saw the launch of Herba London, founded by Peter de Bique, and his debut collection of eight fragrances was outstanding.

Thursday 14 February 2019

WILD FLOWERS & WEEDS by Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London started a tradition back in 2011 when they released their first “Brit Collection”, a series of fragrances that were designed to celebrate an aspect of British culture or history. From tea to the Tudors, and herbs to hyacinths, the company have always attempted to add a little fun into February and this year is no exception. Céline Roux, Vice President of Global Fragrance Development for Jo Malone London, called upon perfumers Yann Vasnier and Louise Turner to collaborate on the 2019 collection and the result is Wild Flowers & Weeds. So, will the company’s ninth year blossom or will it wilt?

Monday 11 February 2019

Valentine's Day 2019 - Scents For Gents

When it comes to recommending fragrances for Valentine’s Day it seems that the emphasis is well and truly on gifting for ladies rather than gifting for men. Many magazines will choose their favourite women’s scents but what about those that need to buy for the man in their life? Well, this year I’ve chosen five scents for you to pick from and, with three of them available on the high street, there’s easily something for everyone. None of these are technically “new” releases, but they might be new to you. So, for Valentine’s Day 2019, it’s time to say hello to Guerlain, Penhaligon's, Bella Bellissima, Chanel, and 4160 Tuesdays.

Thursday 7 February 2019

RÊVE D'OR by L.T. Piver

One of the problems with “historical” perfume companies is unscrambling fact from fiction. Over time you find that the rumour mill adds a fact here and an anecdote there, but it becomes even more difficult when the company is sold numerous times. A perfect example is L.T. Piver, but it’s worth a little digging around in order to appreciate one of their most famous creations, Rêve d’Or. When this scent was launched it was groundbreaking but, whilst still incredibly popular in the Middle East, it has started to be forgotten elsewhere. So, to celebrate its one hundred and thirtieth birthday, it's time to rediscover Rêve d’Or.

Monday 4 February 2019

PLATINUM and CERAMICS by Parks London

The fashion for scented candles shows absolutely no signs of slowly down any time soon and it continues to be the preferred choice for fragrancing the majority of households. The variety that is available seems to increase on a daily basis with new waxes, innovative holders, even personalisation options all competing for that important place in your basket. However, there is a company that has recently undergone a complete rebranding of their candle range and the results are spectacular. I’m talking about Parks London and the beautiful scents that have been created by Pia Long. It’s time to be introduced to Ceramics and Platinum.