Monday 26 June 2023

COUNTRY (GWLAD) by Wales Perfumery

A bottle of Country (Gwlad) perfume from Wales Perfumery
The first fragrances released by a company can often set the template for everything that is to follow. Whether it’s favoured ingredients, particular scent styles, or even the inspirations, getting that first collection right is so important to the long-term success of any perfume venture. Even after the fragrances have been created, the amount of work that it takes to get them seen by customers can often feel like an uphill struggle. That’s where having an existing core base of followers can be a lifesaver. Country from Wales Perfumery is one of the company’s debut trio of scents, and the land of song is definitely singing its praises.

Monday 19 June 2023


A picture of Ainslie Fowler, one of the three sisters that founded The St. Ives Co

Independent businesses in seaside towns have a habit of vanishing after a single season, but there’s one in Cornwall that's just celebrated its third birthday. The St. Ives Co. was founded by three sisters, Tegen, Ainslie and Safi, with the aim of championing the Cornish way of life through home, body and lifestyle products. While their iconic Grapefruit, Lime & Bergamot Body Cleanser was chosen for the G7 Summit, I wondered what other scented secrets The St. Ives Co. had? I settled down with Ainslie Fowler to discover more during her “Stephan’s Six”.

Monday 12 June 2023

LEMON by Tessa Williams

A picture of Tessa Williams' Lemon candle
Simplicity is a word that seems to be rarely used in the world of fragrance, and is almost seen as a negative concept that should be avoided at all costs. Perfumes and aromas need to be complex, they need to have a structure that fascinates and astounds the wearer, but is it starting to become exhausting? Fragrances have always been experimental, but more and more they’re becoming an assault on the senses. Thankfully, in amongst the explosions, there’s someone that continues to strip back their scents and present the beauty of simplicity. I’m talking about Tessa Williams, and specifically her Lemon Candle.

Monday 5 June 2023


A bottle of Atlas fragrance from TUMI
The joy of travel was something that was taken away from us all during the two years of global upheaval, and so any fragrance that references the incredible ability that journeying has to reset our internal clocks is absolutely one to explore. The way that perfume can be used to balance emotions, as well as encourage decision making, is a trend that many companies are now actively promoting with each of their new releases, and that is definitely the case with TUMI. Their Atlas fragrance is described as “the spirit of a man who chooses his destiny with individuality and determination”, but did I discover mine?