Monday 25 September 2023

ALMOND by Widian

A bottle of Almond perfume by Widian
The question of how a perfume company can expand its range, and at the same time potentially attract a new set of customers, is one that every brand has to eventually ask itself. It’s very easy to continue in exactly the same vein, especially if you’re experiencing success, but this can also actually limit a company’s overall growth. If you’re famous for exceptional extrait strength perfumes then the obvious route is to move into the more affordable Eau de Parfum concentration, but this needs to be done sensitively. One company that has achieved this seamlessly is Widian, and their Almond fragrance is absolutely delicious.

Monday 18 September 2023

FIREFLY by Adscenture

A bottle of the perfume Firefly by Adscenture
The act of finding a new fragrance is one that can seem like a tangle of suggestions, opinions and emotions. We’re often influenced by the season, even the occasion that the perfume is going to be worn at, but hopefully the final decision is something we trust to our own noses. It’s still often hard though to cut through the marketing messages and get to the heart of the scent, but it’s this constant quest for discovery that makes it a true vocation and an exciting “scent adventure”. You'll see that Adscenture have cleverly combined these words to form their name, and their Firefly fragrance is the perfect way to start your own scented travels.

Monday 11 September 2023


A bottle of Aphrodite perfume by SOKI LONDON
When you wake up to the rain hammering on the windows or the heating beginning to switch on by itself, your thoughts can quickly turn to the image of a sun-drenched beach and a tropical cocktail within reach. These thoughts quickly disappear though as the reality of real life makes itself known, but that’s when perfume can quickly come to the rescue. Just one spritz can metaphorically allow you to pack your bags reach fo the suncream, and grab your passport. This was the idea behind Aphrodite by SOKI LONDON. Promising to “transport the wearer to a sensual paradise”, are you ready to enjoy some autumn sunshine?

Monday 4 September 2023

MAGIC + SCIENCE by Thursday Fragrance

A bottle of the perfume Magic + Science from Thursday Fragrance
Anybody that launches a new perfume brand in the current climate either needs a huge round of applause for throwing all of their common sense out of the window, or a serious talking to about the inevitable pitfalls that they will experience. However, when a person’s passion to create bubbles to the surface, it’s often impossible not to follow that dream. You obviously have a better chance of survival if you study hard and take expert advice, and that’s the case with Thursday Fragrance. One of the latest cabs off the rank in terms of perfume companies, they’ve done their homework, and it shows in their debut trio of scents.