Monday 4 September 2023

MAGIC + SCIENCE by Thursday Fragrance

A bottle of the perfume Magic + Science from Thursday Fragrance
Anybody that launches a new perfume brand in the current climate either needs a huge round of applause for throwing all of their common sense out of the window, or a serious talking to about the inevitable pitfalls that they will experience. However, when a person’s passion to create bubbles to the surface, it’s often impossible not to follow that dream. You obviously have a better chance of survival if you study hard and take expert advice, and that’s the case with Thursday Fragrance. One of the latest cabs off the rank in terms of perfume companies, they’ve done their homework, and it shows in their debut trio of scents.

Thursday Fragrance was founded in Bristol by Lizzie Brooks who, in her own words, had always wanted to be a perfumer. “It had been a dream that I thought could only happen in a parallel universe.” Well, her partner was the one that eventually challenged her, and the result was Thursday Fragrance. Lizzie knew that she couldn’t do this alone, and so she signed up with Karen Gilbert to learn the building blocks of fragrance creation. She allowed herself total freedom to create and, as she admits herself, “played, played, tried, tested, and played again”.

However, creation wasn’t new to Lizzie. She had built a successful career in PR and marketing, and so knew the importance of building story and experience through the tools that were available to her. Her old kit used to be words, visuals, and advertising hoardings, but now it was scented ingredients. The act of taking individual aromas and combining them into a scentscape is a real skill. Many people can create their first perfume but find it hard to produce the follow up. So, to launch with three perfectly formed fragrances is both a testament to Lizzie Brooks’ ability and also Karen Gilbert’s teaching.

The box for the perfume Magic + Science from Thursday Fragrance
The three fragrances are About Thyme, Marzi, plus Magic + Science and, because they have individual inspirations, they each have a unique place within the collection. About Thyme is a wonderfully herbaceous fragrance, and the balancing of the aromatics with a warmer base is spot on; making it perfect for autumn. Marzi made me smile as soon as I sprayed it, because I’m a massive Battenberg fan, and Lizzie has added a biscuit quality that stops the fragrance being one dimensional and so makes a delicious gourmand. However, Magic + Science trumpets the genderless-ness of fragrance and is my favourite from the trio.

Magic + Science opens with a pairing of zesty lemon and lime, imagine that spray you get when you juice the fruits, but they’re accompanied by a fizzy note of sour cherry. This playful start then reveals a green cardamom in the centre, and perhaps even a touch of geranium, before a waxy violet appears to hint at those luxurious Guerlain lipsticks. The development sees a subtle suede and leather quality arrive, along with a gentle wash of salty sweetened musk, and completes a perfume that wonderfully contrasts the traditionally masculine and feminine palate of ingredients within a single scent. Magic + Science got its name from the science of smelling mixed with the magical ability to conjure scented impressions, but also sums up Lizzie Brooks refreshing approach to creation.

Magic + Science, About Thyme and Marzi, are available from the Thursday Fragrance website at priced at £70 for 50ml and £120 for 100ml. All three are also available as a Discovery Set priced at £15. [Sample provided by Thursday Fragrance]

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