Monday 28 August 2023

1828 by Histoires de Parfums

A bottle of the 1828 perfume from Histoires de Perfumes in front of two Jules Verne books
The quest for new experiences and undiscovered places is something that seems to resonate deeply with fragrance fans. This may be because the ingredients that are used in perfumery come from all around the world, perhaps it’s because we understand the exciting link between science and synthetics, or it could just be that we’re an inquisitive bunch. Whatever the reason, linking fragrance to the idea of mysterious lands and vast oceans is irresistibly tantalising. When Histoires de Parfums used Jules Verne as the inspiration for a scent it was always destined to have a nod to travel, so get ready to set sail with 1828.

Histoires de Parfums was founded in 2000 by Gérald Ghislain, a graduate of ISIPCA in Paris, and set out to celebrate famous figures from history and the exciting times in which they lived. Now, as is the way with any successful company, the inspiration widened due to public demand, and this saw florals and music coming to the fore. Further success saw more abstract fragrances joining the collection, such as the En Aparté and This is not a blue bottle collections, but Gérald’s original desire to use “the most exquisite materials” was never sacrificed. If anything, it was heightened.

When the company first launched they said that their fragrances were designed to be “read on skin”, and his idea linked beautifully with some of their literary inspirations. I’ve said before that perfume and books go so well together, complimenting situations and emotions with scent, and the written word can often also remind you of fragrances that have been discarded in our memories. The formation of words into a sentence mirrors the blending of notes in a fragrance, and so it’s not difficult to see why they go hand in hand. So, let's begin our journey to 1828?

The box for the 1828 perfume from Histoires de Perfumes beside two Jules Verne books
Jules Verne is one of the literary greats, although outside of France he's still considered to be a children’s author. This is because his tales of travel were often marketed to a younger reader in the UK and America. So, the fact that Gérald Ghislain, who also cites Philleas Fogg as one of his heroes, chose Verne as a fragrance inspiration has helped to bring him back to an adult consciousness.
Jules Verne wrote about travel, both excitingly real and fantastically fictional, but also sailed many voyages himself. This love of the sea, and of discovery, is captured perfectly in 1828, and it makes you want to run to the nearest gangplank.

The fragrance opens with bracing peppery citrus, the blend of grapefruit and lemon giving you the feeling of moving rapidly across the ocean, but there’s also an additional green aquatic edge in here that hints at the water’s spray against both the ship and the disappearing headland. 1828 is designed to stay bright throughout, but a touch of nutmeg and clove cleverly links to the lower deck of the fragrance, and this development sees the rewards of travel appearing. You’re treated to what Histoires describes as “a treasure chest crafted from precious wood”, and this is where patchouli and cedar come together with pine and vetiver. However, the ship's bounty of labdanum-imbued incense, plus a few forgotten petals of ylang ylang, conveys the excitement of those early voyages, and stirs the Philleas Fogg in all of us.

1828 is available from the Histoires de Parfums website at, and also Jovoy in London and Paris, priced at £39 for 15ml, £105 for 60ml, and £167 for 120ml. [Sample provided by Aspects Beauty]

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