Monday 26 September 2022

PURE WATER by Paul Guerlain

hej:pure Pure Water perfume bottle
The subject of sustainability and safety is one that goes far beyond just the perfume industry, but that hasn’t stopped it being a major topic of discussion amongst both high street and niche fragrance customers. We’ve all become much more conscious in recent years about what goes in and on our bodies, and companies have tried to address this with both spin and science. It’s often thought that “sustainability and safety” comes at a financial cost, at least that's what we usually see when we get to the checkout, but Müller have smashed this idea with their new hej:pure trio of clean and environmentally-friendly fragrances.

Tuesday 20 September 2022

VICI LEATHER by Electimuss London

Electimuss London Vici Leather Perfume Bottle
There are times when the most carefully thought out product launch, whether that be perfume or literature, can end up taking on a whole new relevance. What starts out as a focused interpretation of a place or time can, without any preconceived intention, become associated with a completely different subject. When Electimuss London decided to launch their newest perfume, Vici Leather, it was designed to sit comfortably within the existing Nero collection. Samples had been sent out, reviewers had been briefed, and then the passing of the longest reigning monarch shone a different light on this new launch.

Monday 12 September 2022

4711 REMIX COLOGNE by Delphine Lebeau

4711 Remix Cologne 2022 Grapefruit Bottle
Every perfume company longs to create a fragrance that stands the test of time. Recent releases are considered timeless if they last ten years, but a scent that manages to reach its two hundred and thirtieth birthday is most definitely legendary. A favourite of soldiers returning from Germany, and possibly the ultimate refreshing cologne, I’m talking about 4711. Originally launched in 1792, the difficulty of following up a worldwide hit is the double edged sword that comes with success. 4711 tackled this head on and when they started their Remix collection, and this year’s grapefruit explosion is destined to continue the tradition.

Monday 5 September 2022

MACHRIE by Arran

Arran Machrie Perfume Bottle
There are times when you probably wish that you could step off the mad roundabout of life for a few moments to catch your breath. We’re constantly pushed and pulled in so many directions that finding time for ourselves can often be difficult. This search for that magic “pause” button is something that gets harder as we get older, and that is when fragrance can really come into its own. The thought of being in open countryside surrounded by symbols from previous centuries would be most people’s dream. However, the dream just became a reality thanks to the windswept and aromatic Machrie from Arran.