Monday 27 November 2023


A bottle of the perfume Sweet Almond Blossom by Floral Street
The link between perfume and the arts is one that has been explored many times in the past - whether that’s its similarity to music with the notes and chords or its sensory use as a surround scent at exhibitions - but the most recent discussion centres around whether the creation of a fragrance should be thought of as an art form rather than merely a product. The olfactory impact of a scent clearly mirrors the visual impact of a painting, so why not recognise it? Floral Street has taken this one step further with their latest Vincent van Gogh-inspired fragrance release Sweet Almond Blossom, and the result is an absolute delight.

Monday 13 November 2023

WŪLÓNG CHÁ X by Nishane

A bottle of Wulong Cha X perfume from Nishane
The anniversary of any perfume brand can be a tricky celebration when it comes to managing customer expectations, but it's made harder when you're globally renowned. Do you launch a new fragrance? Do you bring something back from the archives? Do you simply let it pass with no fanfare at all? This is the situation that Nishane found itself in this year as it celebrated its tenth birthday. The route that they've taken though is a wonderful way to both honour their heritage as well as looking to the future. So, prepare yourself to revisit one of their classic fragrances but from a different angle, as we discover the sensational Wūlóng Chá X.

Monday 6 November 2023

OF GOLD AND LIGHT by Fragonard

The three Fragonard Christmas candles from their OF GOLD AND LIGHT collection illustrated by Alessandro Florio
Christmas is always a time for traditions, and it’s also often the only period in the year when we can truly trust what has gone before. All of those delicious memories of food that was loved, the presents that were eagerly anticipated, and the wonderful scents that surrounded us with a feeling of security and familiarity. This also goes for the companies that we buy from, especially when it comes to candles. There are so many to choose between, especially at Christmas time, but one company that always excels is Fragonard. This year they’ve teamed up with the artist Alessandro Florio to create A Christmas of Gold and Light.