Monday 29 January 2024

CITRUS OUD by Teniqua

A bottle of the perfume Citrus Oud from Teniqua
The perfect perfume can release long-hidden memories, conjure up forgotten experiences, or even act as the scentscape to new adventures. Its ability to push deep into our senses is just one of the reasons why it’s often thought of as a magical potion. Perfume also often patiently waits to be discovered, or rediscovered, at the exact moment it’s needed. A moment too soon and it can be overlooked, but experienced at the ideal time can create a bond that will last forever.
Citrus Oud from Teniqua was originally launched at the end of 2021, but 2024 was my year to discover its magic.

Monday 22 January 2024


A bottle of the Rockin' Rose perfume from EAU.MG
Perfumery, like anything else that has an artistic bent, is often less about creating something new and more about presenting something in a different light. The ingredients that are open to a perfumer are, with the exciting advances in synthetics, almost limitless, but there are a few core ones that always demand attention. Patchouli, iris, vanilla, jasmine - all of these have an inbuilt familiarity that feels safe, but showcasing them in original ways is what customers are look for. Now, rose is such a well-known ingredient that finding an original take on it can be hard, but that’s exactly what you get with EAU.MG’s Rockin’ Rose.

Monday 15 January 2024

CÅKE by ånd fragrance

A bottle of Cåke, the new perfume from and fragrance
We place a lot of importance on words and titles in everyday life, and the same is also true in the world of perfumery. The difference with the latter though is that words can very much be open to personal interpretation. If you think about “note lists” versus “ingredient lists”, “fragrance families” versus “fragrance styles”, or even “eau de parfum” versus “eau de toilette”, you’ll begin to see how it’s not as clear cut as it might first seem. So, this brings us to the latest release from ånd fragrance. Cåke is the name but, if you’re expecting a gourmand overdose that means a trip to the dentist, then you’ll be happily relieved.

Monday 8 January 2024

PINEDE by Tessa Williams

The New Tessa Williams Travel Collection Candle called Pinede
A New Year always brings with it the usual set of resolutions, which honestly have very little chance of being achieved, the excitement of a whole twelve months of new perfume releases, and also a little bit of tradition. Before heading into the ever-expanding world of fragrance, many people look forward to switching out their festive home scents in favour of some January newness. It’s a relatively inexpensive treat after the excesses of the holiday season, and one that you can easily achieve with the last of the Christmas money. This January I’ve plumped for the comforting Pinede Candle from Tessa Williams.