Monday 11 June 2018

THE NEW MAN DISCOVERY BOX by The Perfume Society

There is one day every year that fills even the strongest heart with fear, and that is Father’s Day. Most men are not the easiest people to buy for in the first place, but trying to choose a gift for your own father can be a nightmare. The traditional socks, ties, cufflinks and toffee just don’t cut it anymore but trying to get some ideas out of him is often like getting blood out of a stone. Thankfully help is on hand this year from The Perfume Society in the form of their New Man Discovery Box and it’s sure to be a winner with even the most difficult dad. So, if you're still looking for the perfect gift then look no further.

The Perfume Society has one aim, and that is to get everyone “smelling” for themselves. For too long the majority of perfume customers have been swayed by the marketing, the famous face, even the bottle, which is why it’s an uphill struggle to get people to smell for themselves. Even if you can persuade your dad to go into the department store it’s often a very small window of time that you can guarantee he’ll stay. It’s because of this that The Perfume Society New Man Discovery Box is an invaluable gift.

The contents literally spring out as soon as you open it because it’s so full and the hardest decision that you’re going to have is where to begin. There are a whopping thirteen fragrance samples in here and they range from the big hitters right through to some side street secrets. Thierry Mugler’s brand new Alien Man ends up sitting right next to FlorisTurnbull & Asser and you even have the award winning Viking from Creed cosying up against the wonderful Piccadilly ’69 by Jack Perfume. There really is something for everyone, but the gifts don’t stop there.

Inside the box you also get a full size bottle of Escentric Molecules 03 Body Wash, which on its own would set you back £20, along with a Ted Baker Travel Size Shave Gel. The gel isn’t usually available on its own in this size so it’s a great opportunity to stock up for your hand luggage or even your gym bag. There are many companies now offering “fragrances boxes” but the New Man Discovery Box really is a great selection of scents. So, if you can’t get him to the department store then he can discover them for himself in the comfort of his very own chair.

With black and white printing instead of the usual colour, this box does feel decidedly more masculine than previous releases and so certainly won’t be hidden under the sports pages. I’ll be in Germany for Father’s Day this year but the box is already packed and ready to be enjoyed. The New Man Discovery Box is available online from The Perfume Society and is priced at £15 plus postage and packing for members and £19 plus postage and packing for non-members. For more information, or to order, you can visit [Box provided by The Perfume Society]

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