Monday 22 April 2024

MINT & TONIC by Atkinsons

A bottle of the Atkinsons Mint & Tonic perfume
The sunlight is finally starting to break through the grey clouds of winter, which definitely seem to have lasted far too long into spring, and so our thoughts start to eagerly jump forward to sandy beaches and chilled cocktails. Us Brits have an innate habit of declaring any temperature above 10°C as a warm day, and so it’s the perfect time to discover a fragrance that seamlessly suits the exit of spring and the coming of summer. Atkinsons is a company that has always managed to offer both the effervescent uplifters at the same time as the more resinous raunchies, and Mint & Tonic perfectly sparkles into the former.

Atkinsons was founded in 1799 and took London society by storm with its rose scented hair pomade, which was made from bears’ grease. This might not sound particularly appealing to us today, but it actually secured their reputation and began a journey that would see them conquer the world through the export of their subsequent fragrances. Their popularity began to wane after the Second World War, simply because shoppers were looking for something different, and the company was eventually sold to new investors. However, a new set of owners arrived in 2008, and the lustre of this historic house returned.

The new owners effectively relaunched Atkinsons in 2013 with new bottles, a new set of legacy fragrances based on previous releases, and even fragrances inspired by famous customers. The elevated packaging and scents struck a chord with fragrance fans, many of whom were new to the brand, and Atkinsons was once again a name that meant quality and originality. The company was once again sold in 2020, this time to EuroItalia, and they have continued to elevate this historic house into a worldwide bestseller. Historic houses traditionally come with baggage, but EuroItalia have cleverly managed to unpacked the best.

The box for the Atkinsons Mint & Tonic perfume
Mint & Tonic
was launched in 2018 and was created by perfumer Evelyne Boulanger. It was inspired by the potager system of gardening, which is the growing fruit and vegetables in an ornamental layout, protected by an abundance of flowers and herbs. Obviously, the national drink of Britain is arguably Gin & Tonic, and so this was also referenced in this sparkling fragrance. Now, these citrus perfumes may not be ground-breakingly original, every house has their own version, but Mint & Tonic also has the added quality of being effervescently refreshing. It’s this that sets it apart, and what makes it an absolute joy to wear.

Mint & Tonic opens with a sparkling burst of grapefruit, lime and aromatic mint, so you get the effect of gin and tonic meeting a delicious caipirinha! There’s a real expansive airiness in the opening, and this continues as a hit of ginger comes through along with a whisper of a tart limoncello soaked sugar cube. The floral in the heart of Mint & Tonic is geranium, with its impeccable unisex edges, and just a nod to an English Tea Rose. The development of the fragrance brings out a dry cedarwood and a wonderfully earthy vetiver, that allows the merest glimpse of patchouli to add some hidden support. With a final wash of airy musk, Mint & Tonic signals that the sunshine has arrived.

Mint & Tonic is available from the Atkinsons Website at, and also from Selfridges, priced at £170 for 100ml. [Sample provided by Atkinsons]

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