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SIGNATURE by Ruth Mastenbroek

A bottle of the perfume Signature by Ruth Mastenbroek
Our lives often seem to be centred around finding “the one”, whether that be the perfect relationship, the ideal job, or your forever home. But the concept of “the one” also extends to perfume. There is still a fashion for hunting out a “signature” scent, that is one that you’ll be instantly recognised for wearing. I’m sure there have been times when you’ve known who is about to walk into the room before you see them because of their fragrance. However, with so many perfumes to choose from, where do you begin? Well, Ruth Mastenbroek has given you the perfect starting point with her aptly named Signature.

Ruth Mastenbroek is no stranger to this website, and that is solely because her creations are exceptional. Ruth has never been afraid to jump between styles, strengths and even mediums, which is why her perfumes, diffusers and candles have become bestsellers around the world. She originally trained at Naarden International in Northampton, before settling sail for Holland in 1979 to continue her studies. Ruth would go on to create for some of the biggest names in the industry. However, it was never under her own name. Did you know that she was responsible for the famous Grapefruit candle for Jo Malone London?

So, in 2010, Ruth finally launched her own company under her own name, and all of that knowledge and experience was unleashed upon a very welcome audience. The first fragrance that she released was Signature, and it had two very specific goals. The first was that it would act as the “signature” fragrance for the whole company, and the second that it would be an obvious starting point for those who were hunting for their “signature scent”. It embodied a coming-of-age, a renewed confidence, and new adventures, but it was cleverly realised into a fragrance that truly becomes an extension of the individual.

The box for the perfume Signature by Ruth Mastenbroek
Ruth says about the perfume, “For many people, finding their signature perfume can be tricky, and requires a lot of experimenting. Your signature perfume should embody your personality, your values and your style. It is no easy feat to find ‘the one’. However we would like to introduce you to our very own Signature perfume, a scent that is as sophisticated as it is magical.” Now, the world of gender and fragrance profiling has changed dramatically since 2010 and so, while this was originally launched as a female fragrance, it is now definitely seen as open-to-all. So, could this be your Signature?

Signature opens with a burst of pink peppercorn and bergamot, but in the middle is the glorious aroma of piercingly green galbanum and clove. One of the most exciting starts I’ve smelled in a long time, you then get a note of blackcurrant leaf, so continuing that green-edged fruitiness, along with the merest hint of pineapple. The floral blend in the heart is carefully realised so as not to be too strident, and the faultless combination of rose, jasmine and lily is given a slightly aquatic quality, with perhaps even the merest hint of weather-worn stone. The final development finds the classic grouping of patchouli, oakmoss and sandalwood, so the grounding earthiness meets the confidently smooth woods in a fragrance that is guaranteed to both inspire and excite.

Signature is available from the Ruth Mastenbroek website at, as well as Scent City, and is priced at £70 for 30ml and £130 for 100ml. You can also click on the image below to read my interview with Ruth Mastenbroek from April 2016. [Sample provided by Ruth Mastenbroek]

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