Monday 10 June 2024

TIDES OF LOVE by Teniqua

A bottle of the perfume Tides Of Love from Teniqua
Would you be brave enough to translate your innermost memories, or even your secret places, into scent? It’s a question that many new brands ask themselves when they are thinking of launching, but often they’ll opt for more pedestrian inspirations instead. Releasing a fragrance to the world is one thing, but sharing your soul adds another layer. If the perfume isn’t well received, how does that reflect upon your experiences? When Frances Lamb launched Teniqua it was exactly this route that she went down, but thankfully with universal praise. Tides of Love sees her swap memories for places, and the result is an absolute joy.

Teniqua was founded back in 2021 by Frances Lamb. She had the idea to create a collection of fragrances that formed scented recollections from her past, but were universally wearable. This concept of perfumes being “wearable” might sound obvious to many people, but the niche fragrance world is often populated with outlandish creations that never progress beyond the smelling strip. Her background as both a designer and an interior designer definitely helped her to pull together the scented themes, colours and textures that were needed for a debut collection, and those first three fragrances were certainly worth the wait.

The trio of fragrances that launched the brand were Mysuru Amber, Figue Verte, and Citrus Oud. They were three very distinct perfumes, but together they gave customers an immediate insight into Teniqua’s exciting style. Mysuru Amber celebrated “the scented oils, flowers, spices, colours, textures and sounds of India, and the rituals of using attar to celebrate India’s rich heritage”, Figue Verte was inspired by “lazy summer days spent under a bountiful fig tree in a garden at the foothill of Mont Victoire”, while Citrus Oud promised us “a mysterious, woody, slightly earthy composition enhanced by citrus and floral facets”.

The box for the perfume Tides Of Love from Teniqua
The trio was joined two years later by the Force of Nature collection, which contains Tides of Love. This perfume expanded on the “memories through scent” concept to bring in a celebration of her home island of Jersey. “With so many fragrances taking inspiration from places around the Mediterranean, we thought it the perfect time to celebrate our island’s amazing beaches.” Aquatic fragrances are still one of the most popular categories for customers, but presenting them in an original way is always a challenge. However, Tides of Love effortlessly brings the shoreline within reach, and is waiting to create new memories.

The fragrance opens with a fascinating blend of violet along with a mineral accord but, through the centre of this, you’re also treated to an aromatically-enhanced bergamot. This sets up that shoreline aspect, but the appearance of the slightly animalic floral heart of jasmine and rose adds a textural excitement that hints at sun-warmed skin. There’s also a dewiness amongst the floral notes, a bit like cyclamen, which delivers you effortlessly onto the base of the fragrance. The merging of a smooth sandalwood against a cedarwood-enriched amber blend combines with a mossy patchouli, along with a return of the violet, and it’s this that helps create the fragrance’s final feeling of bringing those sandy beachside experiences home.

Tides of Love is available from the Teniqua website at priced at £25 for 10ml and £95 for 70ml. [Sample provided by Teniqua]

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