Monday, 10 December 2018

OUD OCTAVO by Prosody London

As many readers will already know, I’ve always found the “natural perfumery” side of the fragrance industry fascinating because the challenges that are experienced are not for the faint hearted. Synthetic ingredients are great at providing multifaceted layers and so the natural perfumer needs to be creative and knowledgeable in order to make their finished fragrance truly rounded. This can certainly be said of Oud Octavo by Prosody London. Created by Keshen Teo, it takes the star ingredient but presents it in a wonderfully accessible way that is missing from many of the other oud fragrances on the market.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

CULT PERFUMES by Tessa Williams

One of the problems with writing about fragrance is that it can very easily become dry and dusty. Long lists of ingredients, technical terminology, and descriptive language that would make even Shakespeare roll his eyes are commonplace when the subject of perfumery is discussed. This means that truly successful books on the subject are few are far between and, with the exception of Lizzie Ostrom’s Perfume: A Century Of Scent, there is only one other book that I regularly recommend to fragrance fans. For the perfect gift, or a treat for yourself, let me introduce you to the 2013 Cult Perfumes by Tessa Williams.

Monday, 3 December 2018

PAISLEY by Geo F Trumper

The word “traditional” can often bring to mind thoughts of old fashioned and out of date companies. It’s unfair because “traditional” also refers to quality craftsmanship and a secure understanding by a brand of their customer and his or her expectations. One company that is proudly “traditional” is Geo F Trumper. With a history stretching back to 1875, and an impressive range of products that encapsulate over two hundred years of trading, they've released a new fragrance to sit alongside their current collection. With such a loyal clientele, how will Paisley fair in the world of the cutthroat razor?

Thursday, 29 November 2018

My Top Five Candles For Christmas 2018

The turkey has been ordered, the tree has been brought down from the loft, and that unlabelled box has just provided twenty metres of unexpected tinsel. It can only be Christmas. Along with the seasonal decorations, every home will be lighting this year’s chosen candle to scent the house during the festivities. Whether it’s an old favourite or a new discovery, scented candles are big business and literally come in every shape, size, and smell. With such a daunting selection to have to choose from it’s time for me to give you a little helping hand with my Top Five Candles For Christmas 2018.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Fragonard's Patchouli Scented Christmas

With the arrival of Christmas, perfume companies are always looking for inspiration for their festive offering. This can go off in many unusual directions and, whilst some hit the mark perfectly, others are often earmarked for the January sales before the first present is even unwrapped. One company that has excelled this year is Fragonard. From design through to product selections, and obviously a beautiful scent, they have released a patchouli inspired collection that offers customers an alternative to the ruby red and pine aromas that you usually get at this time of the year, and this is why it’s my recommended collection for Christmas 2018.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

COLONIA NINE by Ancienne Ambiance

Launching a fragrance range is a minefield in today’s market but life wasn’t any easier back in 2004 either. We were in the middle of the “celebrity culture” and everybody wanted to smell like his or her favourite pop star or film icon. Into the middle of this sequin and Lycra party came a company that was the exact opposite. Using the ancient world as its inspiration, and deliberately trying to offer their customers something that wasn’t on the high street, Ancienne Ambiance was launched. Fourteen years later, and with five beautiful fragrances in the collection, it is as successful as ever but Colonia Nine is particularly special.

Monday, 19 November 2018


When a perfume company achieves worldwide distribution, and has a fan following that matches a film star’s, it is not unusual to find the likes of Estée Lauder or L'Oréal in the background. These corporations are the masters of upscaling and promotion, but there’s also a little perfume company that has managed it all by themselves. From design through to fragrance and onto marketing, Tauer Perfumes has gained a reputation for impeccable quality and an attention to detail that is incredible. Throw in that Andy Tauer is also a great guy and you can understand why his fragrances are a firm fixture in the best boutiques.

Monday, 12 November 2018

STERLING and HATTERAS by Fulton & Roark

When we think about perfume we rarely also think about gadgets. The world of fragrance is almost revered and the prospect of having it sullied with gimmicks and novelties would be sacrilege. However, there have already been many questionable bottles and applicators, but the latest “gadget” owes a lot to a much-loved part of perfume’s history. Fulton & Roark have launched a range of solid fragrances that draw on the earliest tradition of having your scent contained within a wearable wax. Encased in a magnetic sliding container, they have made solid perfumes sexy. Let me introduce you to some streamlined silver.