A series of interviews about perfume, and not just confined to people in the perfume industry. You'll also get to hear from actors and actresses, musicians, singers and maybe even a few surprises along the way. The six questions stay the same, very lighthearted, and the answers will hopefully make you chuckle.


AMANDA BEADLE - Owner and perfumer at BedeauX
ANDY TAUER - Owner and perfumer at Tauer Perfumes
AZZI GLASSER - Perfume Designer and founder of Perfumer's Story
CARTER WEEKS MADDOX - Owner and perfumer at Chronotope
CHRIS RUSAK - Owner and perfumer (aka #PerfumeNerd)
CHRISTOPHE LAUDAMIEL - Award Winning Perfumer
DANIEL PESCIO - An independent perfumer and graduate of ISIPCA
DIDIER GAGLEWSKI - Owner and perfumer at Gaglewski Perfumes
EGLIJA VAITKEVICE - Owner and perfumer at Exaltatum London
EMMANUELLE MOEGLIN - Founder of The Experimental Perfume Club
FREDDIE ALBRIGHTON - UK perfumer and creator of his own range
HANS HENDLEY - Owner and perfumer at Hendley Perfumes
ILYAS KAKIS - Owner and perfumer at Ilya Parfums
ISABELLE GELLÉ - Natural perfumer and company owner  
JESSICA BUCHANAN - Owner and perfumer at 1000 Flowers
JOHN STEPHEN - Owner and perfumer at The Cotswold Perfumery
KAREN GILBERT - Evaluator and teacher for the perfume industry
LEANNE HIRSH - Make up artist and founder of Perfumera Curandera
LIZ MOORES - Owner and perfumer at Papillon Perfumery
MANDY AFTEL - Owner and perfumer at Aftelier Perfumes
MARINA BARCENILLA - Award Winning Perfumer
MATT MELEG - Canadian perfumer and creator of his own range
NANCY MEILAND - Owner and perfumer at Nancy Meiland Parfums
NATHALIE FEISTHAUER - Owner and perfumer at Lab Scent
PAUL SCHÜTZE - Owner and perfumer at Paul Schütze Perfume
PIA LONG - Perfumer and cofounder of Olfiction
QUENTIN BISCH - The Givaudan perfumer and painter
REBECCA HARRISON - Perfumer and founder of Vines House Parfum
ROJA DOVE - Fragrance expert, perfumer, historian and author
RUTH MASTENBROEK - UK perfumer and creator of her own range
SARAH IRELAND - UK perfumer and creator of her own range
SARAH McCARTNEY - Owner and perfumer at 4160Tuesdays
SHYAMALA MAISONDIEU - Malaysian perfumer based at Givaudan
SIMON CONSTANTINE - Perfumer and founder of Gorilla Perfumes
SONIA CONSTANT - Perfumer and founder of Ella K Parfums
SVEN PRITZKOLEIT - Owner and perfumer at SP Parfums


AGNES COSTA - Co-owner of Fragonard Parfumerie
BAPTISTE BOUYGUES - Co-founder of Ormaie Paris
BARBARA HERMAN - Founder of Eris Parfums
CLARE REES - The Managing Director of The Library Of Fragrance
DAVID BENEDEK - Founder of bdk Parfums
GEOFF PERCY - Chairman of Bronnley, the UK fragrance house
JONATHAN WARD - Founder of Jonathan Ward Candles
KIM McGOVERN - Founder of the company Amygdala
LEIGHTON DENNY - The man behind a beauty and fragrance empire
MARIE-LISE JONAK - Co-founder of Ormaie Paris 
NICK STEWARD - Founder of niche perfume house Gallivant
OLIVIA BRANSBOURG - Founder of Sous le Manteau
REBECCA ROSE - Founder of To The Fairest
RICHARD E GRANT - Actor and owner of Jack Perfumes
ROBERT HALLMARK - Founder of the company Gruhme
SOPHIA FANNON-HOWELL - Creative Director of Deco London
SUSIE WILLIS - FiFi nominee and founder of Romilly Wilde
SYLVAINE DELACOURTE - Guerlain's Queen Bee
VICTORIA CHRISTIAN - The daughter of Clive Christian
VICTOR WONG - Founder of Zoologist Perfumes


ADRIANA CARLUCCI - Founder of Ancienne Ambiance
AINSLIE FOWLER - Co-founder of The St. Ives Co
ALEXANDRE HELWANI - Brand Ambassador for Histoires du Parfums
AMANDA CARR - Co-founder of We Wear Perfume
BROOKE BELLDON - Founder of Sainte Cellier
CATH KIDSTON-PADGHAM - The founder of C.Atherley
CHANDLER BURR - Author and ex NY Times perfume critic
DARIUSH ALAVI (aka Persolaise) - Jasmine Award Winner
DAVE LACKIE - Beauty Expert for Canada's "Cityline"
GRANT OSBORNE - Founder of Basenotes, and Haribo fan
HANUŠ WOLF - Owner of the Burgins Perfumery in York
HELEN CAMPBELL - Botanical artist and illustrator for Bronnley
JAMES CRAVEN - One of the UK's finest fragrance historians
JANE DALY - Canadian beauty blogger with a love of Guerlain
JO FAIRLEY - Co-founder of the Perfume Society
LAWRENCE ROULLIER-WHITE - Owner of Roulier White in East Dulwich
LEE KYNASTON (Grooming Guru) - Award winning journalist
LUCA TURIN - Perfume reviewer and author of Perfumes: The A-Z Guide
LORNA McKAY - Co-founder of the Perfume Society
MARCUS FELLOWES - Founder of Barbershop Botanicals
MATTHEW AXE - British Creative Director now based in New York
MICHAEL ANGOVE - The artist of the new Jo Malone London soaps
MONSIEUR GUERLAIN - The famous Guerlain blogger
NICOLA THOMIS - Jasmine Award nominee and blogger
NEIL CHAPMAN - Award-winning author and perfume reviewer
NICK GILBERT - Independent Fragrance Expert and Evaluator
ODETTE TOILETTE - Author and purveyor of all things olfactory
OXANA POLYAKOVA - Founder of Bloom Perfumery
RACHEL CORNEY - The artist behind 4160 Tuesdays' illustrations
ROB BLANDFORD - Fragrance writer and blogger
ROBERTO GRECO - Award winning photographer
SAM SCRIVEN - Lead perfume writer on iscentyouaday
SUZY NIGHTINGALE - Jasmine Award winning perfume writer
TANIA SANCHEZ - Co-author of Perfumes: The Guide 2018
TESSA WILLIAMS - Author of Cult Perfumes
THOMAS DUNCKLEY (CandyPerfumeBoy) - Jasmine Award winner
VICTORIA FROLOVA (BOIS DE JASMIN) - Fragrance writer and expert


ALEXANDRA HARWOOD - Award-winning TV and film composer
BUNNY GALORE - Actress and host of SKY's "Movie Nightmares"
CAROL DRINKWATER - Actress, writer and owner of an olive farm
CAROL ROYLE - Actress and former face of Chanel No.19
CHRISTINE HAMILTON - Celebrity, writer and famous Battleaxe
CHRISTOPHER BIGGINS - Actor, Celebrity and Pantomime Dame
DAISY WAUGH - Author of the Dolly Greene mysteries
DANIEL MARTIN - Easy Sussex potter know as The Pilgrim Potter
DANNY YOUNG - Actor and "Dancing On Ice" contestant
DEBBIE FLINT - QVC presenter and also a successful author
ELIZABETH CHADWICK - Bestselling Author and perfume collector
GAY SOPER - UK Actress famous for voicing The Flumps
GRAHAM SEED - UK Actor famous for playing Nigel in "The Archers”
ISAAC MIZRAHI - American designer and TV host
JAMES DREYFUS - British actor best known for his TV comedies
JANE JOHNSON - Cornish author who lives in Mousehole and Morocco
JANE MONHEIT - Grammy Award winning Jazz Singer
JIM CARUSO - Broadway actor and New York cabaret legend
JODIE PRENGER - Actress and winner of BBC's "I'd Do Anything"
JOHN CHALLIS - UK Actor best known for "Only Fools And Horses”
JULIE HALSTON - Award winning American actress and comedienne
LORNA LUFT - Actress, singer and daughter of Judy Garland
MARK MANLEY - Artist and creator of 3MinuteDoodle
MONICA MANCINI - Grammy Award nominated singer
PATRICK GALE - Bestselling author and screenwriter
RIA JONES - One of the UK's leading ladies of Musical Theatre
SARAH MOYLE - UK Actress famous for "Extras" and "Doctors"
SIERRA BOGGESS - Olivier Award nominated American actress

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