Monday 30 November 2020

TRUST ME by 4160 Tuesdays

As we approach Christmas I think that it’s fair to say that we’re all grabbing hold of anything that could offer us the slightest piece of positivity after this rollercoaster of a year. Looking back over the past nine months of broken promises, shattered dreams, and worldwide chaos, wouldn’t it be great to just have somebody say “Trust me” and actually deliver? Well that’s exactly what the perfume industry's very own scented scientist Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays has done. She has skilfully combined both style and substance in a fantastic new diffuser that breaks all of the established rules, and is simply called Trust Me.

Thursday 26 November 2020

My Top Five Candles For Christmas 2020

If there’s one thing that positively screams Christmas then it must surely be a candle gently flickering in the corner of a room, or alternatively right in the centre of it if you’re anything like me. I know that we use them all year round but the festive season really is the perfect time for a little scented illumination. This year has seen a massive increase in companies both large and small offering candles, and so our choice has never been greater or more confusing. So, if you’re looking to change from your usual favourite, or even searching for that final last minute gift, I'm here to help with my annual
Top Five Candles For Christmas.

Monday 23 November 2020

OLIVER by Strangers Parfumerie

One of the aspects of the perfume industry that I don’t buy into at all is the notion that scents should have a season. Traditionally we're told to reach for citruses in summer, more woody scents in autumn, and those delectably warm resins in the winter. To be honest, I’ve yet to even work out what we’re supposed to wear in the spring. However, I’ve never followed these draconian rules of fragrance, I just wear what I want when I want, which is why I think this Christmas would be the perfect time to bask in some winter sunshine. So, prepare to be seduced by the incredibly handsome Oliver from Strangers Parfumerie.

Thursday 19 November 2020

CHARADE by Sarah Baker Perfumes

Fragrances launch in such rapid succession that you could easily be forgiven for not entertaining any scent that wasn’t created in the past twelve months. Our minds, and social media feeds, become so saturated with the newest “must have” perfumes that we often overlook everything that has gone before. I’m not talking about fifty years here; I’m thinking more along the lines of twenty four months! If there is one positive thing that lockdown has given us then it’s surely the gift of time - time to research - and that’s exactly how I discovered the deliciously deceitful, and wonderful unisex, Charade from Sarah Baker Perfumes.

Monday 16 November 2020

PRECIOUS by Jonathan Ward

When we’re still very much in the eye of a pandemic storm, and witnessing the worldwide fallout that is going along with it, the phrase “we’re not in Kansas anymore” takes on a whole new relevance. Many of our ideals and beliefs have shifted over the past eleven months, and that has also extended to the way we shop. Christmas has always been about festive limited editions but, even though we all long for a slice of “old world normality”, achieving a respectful balance this year was always going to be a challenge. However, Jonathan Ward is showing the industry just how it should be done with his perfectly Precious collection.

Thursday 12 November 2020

RIVAE - The Côte d’Azur Collection

Inspiration comes in many forms and this is definitely true of the fragrance industry. Finding one that resonates with an audience though is a very different matter. For example, there have been many scents that have used cities or places as their theme, but taking an entire coastline is a little more unusual. However, that’s exactly what Julien Foucher decided to do with his new Rivæ collection. With production originally starting in 2019, Julien could never have imagined that Rivæ would be the only way that most people would visit the Côte d’Azur this year. So, from olive groves to a crystal clear sea, it’s time to take a scented journey.

Monday 9 November 2020


To say that 2020 has been a difficult year would be an understatement. Along with every other industry, the plans that perfume companies had in place all needed to be adapted or dropped, and a necessity for operating “in the moment” became imperative. One of the areas that was most impacted were the summer-inspired releases that always accompany the warmer months. With shops closed, a lack of testers available to try, and money becoming tight, many didn't seem to arrive. One company that did offer some respite to the dark clouds though was 1000 Flowers, and their Pétales Sous Le Soleil provides some much needed escape.

Thursday 5 November 2020

SECRET ABSOLU by Fragonard

When we see a new fragrance appear from our favourite company we often forget that there have been months, or even years of preparation to get to this stage. From deciding on the concept to choosing the perfumer, every brand tries their hardest to look into the future and create a new bestseller. Whether you’re large or small the same goal applies. When Fragonard was deciding on the new fragrance to join their masculine collection they decided it was time to push the boundaries of expectation and, with a nod to faraway travel, the timing of Secret Absolu couldn’t have been more perfect.

Monday 2 November 2020

Askews Shares Some Edwardian Magic

When we think about candles our first instinct is to picture one of the many fragranced options that come in a glass jar. These guaranteed providers of a scented boost are present in almost every home or, if they’re not, the equally impressive diffuser is sure to be close at hand. We surround ourselves with so many scents, from washing powder to room sprays, that it can begin to feel a little overpowering. The idea of an unscented candle might seem alien to many but, when they’re as stunning as the ones from Askews, they really can hold their own. So, it’s time to travel back in time and enjoy a little fragrance free magic.