Monday 31 May 2021

SÅND by ånd fragrance

The world of fragrance is really starting to focus on commitments to sustainability, eco consciousness, and plastic reduction. Well, to be honest, the majority of companies are just hopping onto the bandwagon with the minimum input so that they can use the “buzz words” in their marketing. Sustainability does not just mean recycled glass, and eco consciousness goes far beyond merely removing cellophane from your perfume box. However, one company that has absolutely committed to these pledges is ånd fragrance, and their Sånd perfume shows that environmental concerns and incredible fragrances can definitely go hand in hand.

Thursday 27 May 2021

FLEUR DE LAVANDE by 1000 Flowers

As we slowly begin to exit the rules that have governed us for over a year, we do it in the knowledge that there are others who are not so lucky. Their lives are still restricted and many don’t have the freedoms that we now do in Britain. It’s because of this uncertainty, and also because we’ve all been on a long voyage of self-discovery, that many of us are now reaching for “simpler” products. Overly blended fragrances are being glossed over in favour of a purer style, and none embodies this more than
Fleur de Lavande from 1000 Flowers. The archetypal soliflore, it’s time to take a scented journey to the town of Grasse.

Monday 24 May 2021

CEDRUS CEDAR DIFFUSER by Ancienne Ambiance

There are certain questions that can never be categorically answered. Is tea better than coffee? Is the BBC better than ITV? Should shops really be open on a Sunday? However, alongside these is the thorny subject of scenting your home. There are so many ways to add fragrance to your surroundings but it always comes down to a battle between the two undisputed leaders. Are you a diffuser or a candle household? There are pros and cons for both, so making a decision is always hard, but Ancienne Ambiance have risen to the challenge with their newly expanded Cedrus Cedar collection.

Thursday 20 May 2021

RIVIERA DRIVE by Atelier Des Ors

There is nothing I like more than packing a suitcase, picking up the plane tickets, and heading to the airport. The excitement of those new discoveries, the thrill of meeting up with old friends, and the urge to drive coastal roads once more almost carries you into your allocated seat. This year the thought of overseas travel will unfortunately simply remain a dream for many of us, but that doesn’t have to stop you hitching a scented flight to warmer climates. It's time to wind down the window, look out over the beautiful azure sea, and breathe in the aromas of the Côte d’Azur as we discover Riviera Drive from Atelier Des Ors.

Monday 17 May 2021

NIGHTSCAPE by Ulrich Lang

The part of reviewing fragrances that I really enjoy is when you end up with connections that, until you stumble across them, hadn’t been mentioned before. This can be because journalists are nervous about veering too far from the company’s press release, for fear of upsetting the person that’s written it, or they’re financially tied in some way to the promotion of the scent. So, when the worlds of Netflix, perfume, and American fashioned collided spectacularly this week, I finally realised that I was sitting on a modern day classic. It’s time to revisit, or discover for the first time, the Ultrasuede styling of Nightscape by Ulrich Lang.

Thursday 13 May 2021

HALSTON Z-14 by Vincent Marcello and Max Gavarry

If you think about the vast number of fragrances that are launched every year you’ll understand why securing a following is so important. The constant stream of new releases can potentially result in us switching our allegiance to the new kid on the block, and then it’s very hard to tempt us back. It wasn’t always like this. In the past, the launches every year were only in double figures, and that actually may be one of the reasons why some have stood the test of time. One such fragrance is Halston Z-14 and, as it celebrates its forty-fifth birthday, I thought it was time to see whether the years had been kind.

Monday 10 May 2021

VOYAGE STORY by Vines House Parfum

One of the mistakes that we often make when looking at a new fragrance company is that we fall into the trap of exploring the collection, picking our favourite, and almost discounting the others. We unfairly compare them side by side when, in reality, they each have their own part to play in the line-up. It’s very rare for a company to launch with just one perfume and so many wonderful scents get overlooked. With this in mind, I revisited a brand that I featured earlier in the year and picked my new favourite from the range. So, it’s time to rekindle some scented travel courtesy of Voyage Story from Vines House Parfum.

Thursday 6 May 2021

GREEN MARKET by Keap Candles

Over the past twelve months one of the industries that has rocketed is home candles. There has been a never-ending roll call of new companies all promising that theirs was the greenest or the most luxurious, but it often just felt like the latest in a deluge of imitations and opportunism. From a kitchen counter through to industrial units, everyone seemed to be having a go. However, in amongst the “newness” there were also some established gems waiting to be discovered, and one such company is Keap Candles. Based in New York, I can honestly say that I was blown away by both the scents and the story.

Monday 3 May 2021


The way that fragrances are categorised can often be one of the main factors when it comes to deciding whether to purchase the latest release or not. This is because we all like shortcuts to finding our favourite scent, and we hope that it will save us costly mistakes. However, if you think of male versus female, citrus versus woody, or even niche versus commercial, then you’ll realise just how broad these categorises can be. With retail only just starting to get going again, and many people still reliant on home discovery, this is what makes The Seasonal Scents Subscription Box a welcome addition for fragrance fans.