Monday 3 May 2021


The way that fragrances are categorised can often be one of the main factors when it comes to deciding whether to purchase the latest release or not. This is because we all like shortcuts to finding our favourite scent, and we hope that it will save us costly mistakes. However, if you think of male versus female, citrus versus woody, or even niche versus commercial, then you’ll realise just how broad these categorises can be. With retail only just starting to get going again, and many people still reliant on home discovery, this is what makes The Seasonal Scents Subscription Box a welcome addition for fragrance fans.

The Perfume Society was launched in an attempt to get people to engage with their sense of smell and celebrate the wonderful array of fragrances that are available. Whilst there had been industry organisations that already did this, the Perfume Society aimed itself squarely at the customers rather than the businesses themselves. Alongside the society’s impressive Scented Letter magazine they also decided to try and make the latest releases available to a wider audience, and so their Discovery Boxes were born. These generally took a theme, such as travel or fashion, and curated the scents to match. However, things were about to change.

Alongside their usual Discovery Box they’ve just launched a subscription version which takes the sets in a new direction. Instead of themes, it mixes new releases with old favourites but presents them as a taster set to accompany the changes of season. The spring subscription box is the debut collection and, whilst I’m telling you what’s in this one, the contents of future boxes will be a surprise until they drop through the letterbox. The selection does come with tasting notes, all accessed by a snazzy QR code, to help guide you through the fragrances.

The box focuses on floral scents, as you'd expect from spring, but does kick off with the 2016 citrusy Atelier Cologne fragrance Clementine California. Next up is Dominique Ropion’s 2018 Mutiny for Maison Margiela, with its floral leather quality, before 2019 is ushered in thanks to Lancôme’s Pivoines Printemps and YSL's Libre. The next three fragrances are from 2020. Beginning with Mugler’s Angel Nova, a new interpretation of the classic amber floral, it's followed by the tuberose heavy My Way from Giorgio Armani, and finally Viktor & Rolf’s slightly brighter Flowerbomb Dew. These last two are both generous 7ml miniatures.

This brings us right up to date with Valentino’s Born in Roma Yellow Dream, a fresh floral that has an intriguingly androgynous edge. It’s worth mentioning at this point that the subscription boxes are geared at feminine scents, and so the standard Discovery Boxes may suit you better if you’re looking for something in the more traditional masculine territory. Whichever you decide to go for, it’s great to see the Perfume Society continuing to devise ways to let customers enjoy scent. Who knows, your new favourite could be just a box away.

The Seasonal Scents Subscription Box is available from the Perfume Society website at priced at £18 per box or £68 if paid as a one off fee to cover all four releases. [Box provided by The Perfume Society]

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