Many people write about fragrance but it can often end up sounding over-technical and distant. What one person finds fascinating another may not engage with at all. I started on 5th May 2015 with the aim of “Putting Fun Back Into Fragrance” and making the perfume industry accessible to everyone. Since then I have written magazine articles, training programs and press releases, so I am the perfect person to help provide clear and accessible material for your company. How can I help you?

Keeping your content engaging, interesting and succinct is essential and I can provide you with just that. More detailed work can also be delivered, if that is your particular requirement, and we can discuss both options to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

From full website text to teaser promotions, blog posts to magazine articles, I can provide you with material that will set your company or publication apart. I currently ghostwrite for various blogs and so understand the need for discretion. My contract will always be private and never discussed with anyone outside of

The key to any company’s success is the quality of their in-house training. My experience in the industry puts me in the perfect position to devise training programs for both full-time and temporary staff. A clear understanding of the difference between consultant and customer information can make all the difference.

Is there an aspect of the perfume industry that your group or colleagues would like to explore in more detail? Perhaps a specific fragrance house? My background in performing and presenting guarantees an enjoyable session and, as before, everything can be tailored to your particular requirements.

One of the great parts of my job is being sent fragrances to review. If your company would like to submit anything then I am more than happy to receive it. The only thing that I would ask you to remember is that a sample does not necessarily mean that I will publish a review, although I will normally try to review everything that I am sent.

CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLES OF MY WORK or to contact me about any of the services please click the button below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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