Monday 25 October 2021


One of the aspects of perfumery that many people struggle to come to terms with is the worry that their observations of a scent might not match other people’s. The ingredient lists and fragrance stories all try to guide you to a particular scented impression, but it doesn’t mean that you’re actually going to get there. We all interpret scent differently, have different memories, and recognise different ingredients, so it makes sense that we’ll all pick up different aspects. This is the principle behind the newly launched Oddity fragrance brand and, with their full encouragement to trust your own instincts, it's time to discover Naked Dance.

Monday 18 October 2021

LOUDO by Sarah Baker Perfumes

The idea of using childhood as the inspiration for a fragrance is always going to be fraught with dangers, quite simply because everyone’s childhood is different. What resonates with one person may not be familiar to another. Add into the mix a fashionable ingredient and you also have a second level of preconceived ideas that carries the potential to disappoint. So, when Sarah Baker announced that her latest fragrance would combine childhood memories and oud, there was a definite intake of breath. Could the inspiration and the ingredient really be brought seamlessly together and offer something truly original?

Monday 11 October 2021


There’s nothing I enjoy more than spending an hour or two wandering around the brocante markets in France, and usually coming away with far too many things to fit in my suitcase! So, with travel still a little limited, it’s wonderful that these types of elevated flea markets seem to have really taken off in the UK as well. It’s the excitement of finding the missing piece of a dinner set, a lost childhood memory, or even something that you wonder how you've ever lived without. Kilted Quarter is one of these new UK companies, but they’ve also launched a range of brocante-inspired candles that are guaranteed to have perfume lovers rushing to order.

Monday 4 October 2021

MYSTERY by Cláudia Camacho

Capturing the essence of a place is one of the hardest inspirations that a perfumer can choose to explore. This is because the scents that surround you in a real-life environment are still subject to personal associations, and so you may not end up capturing a true representation of the location. That’s why we have to trust that the creator has immersed themselves in the flora, fauna, and aromas of their chosen place. This would be a challenge for an experienced perfumer, let alone a newcomer, and so getting the chance to experience the stunning Mystery by Cláudia Camacho is one of the highlights of the year.