Thursday 21 April 2016


They’re at it again! Love them or hate them there is no getting away from them. I am talking about LYNX, or AXE if you live outside of the UK. As I’ve said in the past, they were originally used with the same gusto as Brut, their older relative. They stormed the market in 1983 with Amber, Musk and Spice before tempting in a new generation with a more “homage” approach. Body Sprays that resembled Fahrenheit, Aqua Manda, even Guerlain’s L’Instant started appearing in 2008, and I’ve mentioned these affordable creations in a previous article. However, this year has seen the launch of the first three scents in their Daily Fragrance range. A departure for the brand because this time they are taking a more “fragrance trend” approach, and I guarantee that people are going to be shocked. So, let’s take a look at the power three and see whether you’re Signature, Urban or Adrenaline.

It’s a long time since Faberge were associated with the LYNX brand, but in this new range you feel as though Unilever have gone back to their fragrance roots. The range comes in 100ml canisters with the statement that they’ve used “three times more fragrance” than the normal Body Sprays. As I’ve mentioned in the past, the quantity of materials used doesn’t determine the lasting power of a fragrance, it’s all about which ingredients are present. In the case of this range however, when you have coumarin and vanillin, you know that you can expect something that is going to be tenacious. Sleek black packaging, internal slip cases that mirror the individual logo colours, a canister that fits easily in the hand, and instructions encouraging you to treat it like a perfume. So far so good, but what about the actual scents?

ICED MUSK & GINGER: This Adrenaline scent is described as “a sharp, icy-fresh fragrance that kick-starts your adrenaline-fuelled day”. Quite a claim. Straight away you get a big dose of fig along with a tomato leaf reminiscent of Sisley’s Eau de Campagne. A fashionable pear scent sits next to a freshness provided by the cypress, but a definite ginger is replaced by a general spiciness. There is a vetiver trying to break through but it’s stopped by a huge dose of white musk. It fulfils the brief, but unfortunately leaves me a little “cold”. The dry-down is very reminiscent of Guerlain's Limon Verde.

OUD WOOD & DARK VANILLA: We move on to the Signature “subtle woody fragrance that gives you a memorable touch”. There is nothing AT ALL subtle about this, and that is what draws you straight in. You have spice, spice and just in case you missed it, more spice. Coriander, Pepper, Nutmeg, Sage and a very green tobacco note. Temper this with a mandarin and we are looking at a full blown aromatic, but the arrival of a sweet oud throws everything off kilter. It takes you into the realms of chypre somehow, and it is fiercely addictive.

TOBACCO & AMBER: Finally we meet the Urban “sweet fragrance that makes a bold statement”. Cards on the table from the beginning, this is my favourite. A great mixed citrus meets lavender and a smokey tobacco. We’re in the arena of an oriental here with a rich amber and benzoin base. I could have done with a little more labdanum poking through, but it’s probably in the right dose for most people. It reminds me of a masculine tobacco rich La Vie Est Belle, and I love it!

Do me a favour, go and smell them. Forget that they’re manufactured by a “deodorant” brand and who knows, you might find a gym bag staple or a new guilty pleasure.


  1. I've seen the TV ad for these with the guys on skateboards.Perhaps someone should have told the makers that wrists should not be rubbed together when spraying a fragrance.

    1. Rubbing the wrists will only dissipate the top notes quicker, and these three show their true characters in the heart and base. So on this occasion perhaps they can be forgiven.