Monday 30 September 2019


With a perfume heritage stretching back to 1826, Isabelle Gellé has dedicated herself to the creation of natural fragrances. One hundred and eighty years later, in 2006, she finally launched her own company and currently has three collections that take inspiration from travel right through to time. With a new home series about to launch, it’s time to discover Isabelle’s own perfume memories during “Stephan’s Six”.

Thursday 26 September 2019


It’s impossible to predict which fragrance will become the iconic scent in a company’s range and it’s even harder when the perfume company has fans across the world, but that is exactly the case with Atkinsons. The company recently went through a major rebrand worldwide but its Italian market still demands some of the original packaging and scents, including the legendary English Lavender. By combining fashionability with familiarity, Atkinsons have succeeded in rejuvenating the legacy for their existing customers whilst still managing to attract new ones. Happily, there’s even room for a little bit of retro.

Monday 23 September 2019


Creativity shows itself in many ways and, for Jonathan Ward, it’s the second bite of the cherry that has proved to be the sweetest. After a successful career in fashion, Jonathan launched the attention-grabbing Scent of Time candle collection in 2018 and expanded it last month to include the accompanying diffusers. After creating aromas for others I thought it was about time to discover his own scented secrets during “Stephan’s Six”.

Thursday 19 September 2019

VERT FOUGÈRE by Floris London

With heritage comes tradition and, unless it’s managed carefully, can easily become a double edged sword. Customers are naturally drawn to the latest and loudest fragrances and, if you’re not offering something similar, you run the risk of being left behind. Floris definitely has heritage and tradition, which are both impressive to say the least, but what they also have is a determination to remain loyal to the standards originally laid down by the founder, Juan Famenias Floris. The latest fragrance, Vert Fougère, combines traditional apothecary aromatics with the refined fashions of Jermyn Street and continues Floris' famous heritage.

Monday 16 September 2019


Adriana Carlucci is the force behind the wonderful Ancienne Ambiance store in London’s fashionable Chelsea. The boutique came about as an extension of her family’s love of antiquity and quickly developed a very loyal following for its fragrances and home products. To celebrate the company’s fifteenth birthday I thought it was time to discover Adriana’s own scented secrets during “Stephan’s Six”.

Thursday 12 September 2019

RYDER by Ex Idolo

The niche market is the same as the mainstream market in that the vast quantity of releases every year makes it absolutely impossible to try everything when they actually launch. Many brands simply get lost under the weight of the latest, the biggest, and the brightest new perfume but they bide their time until they're rediscovered. One such company is Ex Idolo and it’s a name that will be new to many people. This British brand, which launched in 2013, now has four fantastic fragrances in their collection. Whilst all have been created with passion, Ryder is a journey into the private world of mahogany, pipe smoke, and cognac.

Monday 9 September 2019

EAU DE MENTON by Prestige de Menton

One of the joys of summer is a welcome return to the glorious eau de cologne style of scent. The effervescent and bright explosion of citrus and aromatics is wonderfully cooling and incredibly uplifting. This category of fragrance has seen a remarkable resurgence in recent years, accompanied by some ridiculous price tags, but there are still some classic companies that have never stopped producing their celebration of sunshine. One such brand is Presitge de Menton and, after two years of sympathetic updating, their new Eau de Menton collection retains the original Provençal charm but adds a touch of Parisian chic.

Thursday 5 September 2019

STONE and HONEY BADGER by Yates Perfumes

There are times when you feel as though you’ve read about every possible journey into the world of perfume and then, out of nowhere, you are confronted with the most incredible career change story. It’s always fascinating to discover the direction that perfumers took before they entered the industry but I wasn’t prepared for the incredible twists and turns that led to Melissa Hale launching Yates Perfumes in 2010. With an apothecary feel to her creations and an uninhibited style that presents itself as fearless, it’s time to visit Lakewood Ohio and be bewitched by her evocative Stone and Honey Badger fragrances.

Monday 2 September 2019

MARARI by Thomas O'Brien

For every perfume release that is trumpeted as the latest “must have” fragrance there are thousands that, for one reason or another, never get to see the light of day. These can be rejected submissions, modifications of the same scent, or even creations that the perfumer chooses not to release. However, during a perfumer’s training they also make fragrances as experiments and these rarely get to be tried by anyone outside of the course. One such perfume is Marari by Thomas O’Brien, his graduation piece from The Perfumery Art School. So, it’s time to discover what secrets this unreleased oriental fragrance holds.