Monday, 18 January 2021

TASSONI 225 by Terre del Garda

January is traditionally the month that we either hop on a plane to catch some post-winter sunshine or start planning the annual summer holiday. That’s why, with travel still heavily restricted, you could be forgiven for thinking that the only option is to put on another jumper and crank up the heating. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just close your eyes and feel yourself transported to a warmer climate? Well this is exactly what's on offer thanks to the new Discovery Pack from Terre del Garda, and in particular Tassoni 225. So, from resinous pines through to uplifting citrus, prepare to travel to the Italian shores.

Thursday, 14 January 2021

APERTURE by Ulrich Lang

The whole perfume industry is currently going through one of its biggest ever upheavals. All of the established rules of launching, promoting, and selling fragrance have been thrown up in the air because our personal interactions have completely changed. With more of a reliance on the internet and social media, the way we view and experience scent has dramatically altered. This means that we're literally living life through somebody else’s lens, and it was this idea that brought to mind Ulrich Lang’s high definition Aperture. Originally launched in 2014, this seven year old photo-collaborative fragrance is the perfect example.

Monday, 11 January 2021


The constant search for new ways to enjoy perfume is one that fragrance fans have become masters at. Every conceivable way of delivering that scented hit has been tried, from shower gels to hair mists, and it’s certainly no longer just a case of spritzing your favourite perfume and then heading out of the door - I wish life was still that simple. The last twelve months saw the very public appearance of a new way to utilise fragrance, and it truly was a life saver. Hand sanitisers became an important subcategory of fragrance in 2020 and, with no let-up to restrictions, it’s time to welcome the new Earth Hand Sanitiser Spray by Tessa Williams.

Thursday, 7 January 2021

DARYA, METSA, and SEPEIDEH by Marlese Assman

The past twelve months have seen a real push to support independent businesses because, as I’ve said repeatedly, the large organisations can look after themselves. However, the smaller companies need to remain firmly in our sights. There are so many brands that you may have never heard of, in locations that you would not expect, which is why it’s important to hunt them out. One such company is Bōbé Beauty which is based in Saskatoon. Founded by Marlese Assman, this Canadian company’s trio of natural alcohol-free perfumes offers some much needed escape, along with a promise of “serenity and independence.”

Monday, 4 January 2021

JO'S RHUBARB by Jo Loves and Zara

Welcome to 2021 and a whole new year of perfume releases. To say that the past twelve months have been challenging would be an understatement but, thankfully, there’s already some scented excitement to kickstart an overcast January. The idea of finding designer names at high street prices is still a quest that, more often than not, turns up few results. However, when Zara decided to collaborate with Jo Malone, the person rather than the company, it heralded a whole new collection of scents under the Emotions banner. Originally a series of eight, it’s time to welcome the latest arrival to the range as we enjoy a taste of Jo’s Rhubarb.

Thursday, 17 December 2020

My Favourite Five

The past twelve months have certainly not been what any of us could have expected. January started off with all of the usual excitement but, very quickly, the world changed dramatically. With restrictions, lockdowns, and a mammoth shift in our everyday lives, it would have been easy to just pull the covers over our heads... but we all soldiered on. The situation was certainly not easy for the fragrance industry either, but they still managed to launch some spectacular products. As we approach the end of 2020 I thought it would be a good moment to look back at twelve months of articles, channel my inner Blyton, and pick My Favourite Five.

Monday, 14 December 2020


There can’t be many people that haven’t heard of “the seven year itch.” I’m not talking about the 1955 film that starred Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell, but more the feeling of dissatisfaction or familiarity that is said to appear at that point in any relationship. This doesn’t just apply to people; it can be anything that is long term. During lockdown I started to go through some of my older fragrances, rediscovering forgotten favourites, and I stumbled across one that had been pushed to the back. Time To Draw The Raffle Numbers by Sarah McCartney was released in 2013, and it’s high time it was shown some love.

Thursday, 10 December 2020

FAUN by Thomas O'Brien

The inspiration behind a fragrance can often be the anchor that holds a whole project together. If you have a solid foundation then you have room to experiment, but a tenuous grasp on an idea can see you quickly drift off course. I admit that sometimes this can result in unexpected discoveries, but that doesn’t always help the project at hand. However, having a clear vision of how you want your finished fragrance to smell is not always easy. Thankfully, when Thomas O’Brien decided to launch his first commercial perfume it literally was the stuff of legend, but how would he translate the mythical Faun into fragrance?