Monday 11 October 2021


There’s nothing I enjoy more than spending an hour or two wandering around the brocante markets in France, and usually coming away with far too many things to fit in my suitcase! So, with travel still a little limited, it’s wonderful that these types of elevated flea markets seem to have really taken off in the UK as well. It’s the excitement of finding the missing piece of a dinner set, a lost childhood memory, or even something that you wonder how you've ever lived without. Kilted Quarter is one of these new UK companies, but they’ve also launched a range of brocante-inspired candles that are guaranteed to have perfume lovers rushing to order.

Kilted Quarter was founded in October 2020 by Hana McCauley and her partner Scott. A previous career working with Harvey Nichols had already seen her surrounded by a mixture of vintage-inspired, bespoke and mainstream brands, and so a love of history and tradition ran deep. When she relocated to York it gave her the opportunity to combine this experience with an already burgeoning attraction to brocante, and so Kilted Quarter was born. It was decided to run the store online, we don’t need to remind ourselves of the shopping issues during October 2020, but they soon realised there was more they could offer.

Askews Candles is a company that I’ve mentioned a lot over the past year, and regularly appears on my credit card statements! They specialise in creating beeswax candles based on vintage bottles, from moulds that they make at their base in Darlington. It won’t come as a surprise that when Hana saw what they were achieving, she wondered whether some of her bottles could be made into candles. Hana was very clear that she wanted the range to be affordable, so the size needed to be smaller than usual, but that actually meant more choice. A trio was created, but there is a real star within it.

When we think about the classic French perfume houses our minds instantly go to Guerlain, Chanel and Caron, but there's another forgotten classic. L.T. Piver launched in 1774 (originally called A la Reine des Fleurs) and its reputation quickly reached Paris society's circles. The company went on to create classic fragrances such as Rêve d’Or, Pompeia, and the groundbreaking Le Trèfle Incarnat, but fashions changed. Their boutiques closed, many fragrances became the stuff of legend, but they've always managed to continue. The glory days may have gone, but Kilted Quarter have brought a taste of it back.

The trio of candles are made up of a votive and two bottles, and really are perfect for a dining table, a mantlepiece, or that upcoming Christmas stocking. The votive is a C.H. Ferry medicine glass (£4 for an 8 hours burn), the first bottle is a vintage Alcool De Menthe De Ricqles (£6 for an 18 hours burn), but the star of the show has to be the L.T. Piver Paris bottle (£7 for a 16 hours burn). We are constantly bombarded with new candle releases, promising every fragrance under the sun, and so these simple beeswax scents are a welcome, and visually stunning, alternative.

The candles are available from the Kilted Quarter website at and are sold single or as a set priced at £16. [Samples provided by Hana McCauley]

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