Monday 10 May 2021

VOYAGE STORY by Vines House Parfum

One of the mistakes that we often make when looking at a new fragrance company is that we fall into the trap of exploring the collection, picking our favourite, and almost discounting the others. We unfairly compare them side by side when, in reality, they each have their own part to play in the line-up. It’s very rare for a company to launch with just one perfume and so many wonderful scents get overlooked. With this in mind, I revisited a brand that I featured earlier in the year and picked my new favourite from the range. So, it’s time to rekindle some scented travel courtesy of Voyage Story from Vines House Parfum.

When Rebecca Harrison launched her collection of five fragrances at the beginning of 2020 it came with an established understanding of the beauty business. Her career had seen her develop whole skincare ranges, advise on manufacturing practices, and also troubleshoot for companies that had veered too far from the road of profitability. With a resume that featured some of the biggest brands in the skincare and fragrance industry, she was determined to take a measured approach to launching and slowly build a loyal following. However, we were all then dealt a massive blow with the announcement of a global pandemic.

The sudden stop saw plans shelved and stockists' orders paused, but Rebecca had weathered many storms in the past. 2020 would now become the year when her brand almost sneaked into the fragrance market, becoming a secret shared amongst likeminded perfume fans, before finally picking up momentum in time for our first summer out of lockdown. Members of The Perfume Society were treated to a sneak preview of Love Story, Rebecca’s rose-centred fragrance, courtesy of their Indulgence Discovery Box, and our interest was well and truly grabbed. The collection now numbers seven, although Voyage Story is my new obsession.

The idea of the brand is that each of the fragrances represent one of Rebecca's specific memories of a time or place, although she prefers to think of them as stories. Now, there is a major difference when it comes to Vines House Parfums, and I’m not just talking about its incredible environmental policy. You won’t find a flowery description of any of the scents. Instead you’re simply treated to the inspiration and left to draw your own conclusions from the ingredient list. This is a refreshing move by Rebecca Harrison, although it does put the pressure on me slightly. So, with that in mind, let’s discover Voyage Story.

Inspired by “places experienced and a sense of adventure,” Voyage Story opens with a beautiful pairing of pineapple and bergamot, almost like a childhood bagful of sherbet pips, before a peppered tea note brings you very much to the present. A cognac vanilla and amber then begins to come through alongside a jasmine and rose accord, which is given a delicacy due to the powder-like aspects of the mimosa and iris, but an aquatic hint gives a much-needed nod to travel. However, it's a final combination of earthy patchouli, elegant cedarwood, and a whisper of resinous oud that completes the journey... although I don’t think it will be long before this unisex scent gets restless to go adventuring again.

Voyage Story is available from the Vines House Parfum website at priced at £4.99 for 2ml, £75 for 30ml, £100 for 50ml, and £150 for 100ml. [Sample provided by Rebecca Harrison]

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