Monday 1 February 2021

LOVE STORY by Vines House Parfum

Apparently there is nothing that says “I love you” more than a bouquet of red roses. Well, that’s what the florists would have you believe as we approach Valentine's Day. As a distinct alternative, my undying affection can always be bought with a bottle of Moet, and Odette Toilette has told me in the past that she’s anyone’s for a Toblerone! However, if you are choosing to go down the roses route, fragrance is also a popular choice. A lot of these floral scents can end up being cloying in the extreme, but there is help at hand. Combining passion with perfume, Love Story from Vines House Parfum is deliciously desirable.

When Rebecca Harrison decided to launch her own perfume company it came out of an already established career in the beauty industry. She had seen the workings from the inside, and so knew the potential pitfalls, but was determined to give it a go. With an initial start in skincare before moving into the fragrance sector, Rebecca could see an opportunity to further push the boundaries of sustainability, recyclability, and originality. Having lived in both the South of France and the South of England, she immediately saw the parallels of the fragrance and wine industries and so called the company Vines House Parfum.

Rebecca had always had a love of perfume, even as a child, and vividly remembers the scent that would linger on her school uniform when her mother had hugged her goodbye. Also, in the same way that many of us did, she would try to create floral waters using the surreptitiously picked petals from her grandmother’s garden. It sounds as if she had more success than me, mine always seemed to end up various shades of beige, and it’s this hands on approach that Rebecca would return to when she launched her debut collection of five scents in 2020.

The perfumes are grouped together as stories and, as Rebecca explains, “each unique fragrance has been inspired by a moment in time, an emotional experience, and nature itself.” The collection comprised Heroic, Voyage, Natural, Signature, and Love. There’s an interesting span of styles within the five, so definitely worth exploring further, although Love Story does stand out as a romantic beacon as we enter February. Rebecca promises that this perfume will capture “the initial dramatic and intoxicating allure of attraction and maintain a deep passionate heart.” So, prepare to have your interest piqued and your temperature raised.

Love Story opens with exciting citrus and pink pepper but, in the background, a violet note blends with the subtle hint of raspberry that’s already coming through from the damask rose. The rose is given a crisp green aspect in this fragrance, thanks in part to the cardamom, and this floral moment is added to by a touch of earthy geranium and a smooth jasmine. However, an aromatic explosion then happens as lavender mixes with clove and saffron, and this vibrancy remains throughout, but it's anchored by a peru balsam and patchouli combination that provides powdery richness instead of the usual resinous weight. Love Story is the perfect balance of sensuality and excitement and has all of the hallmarks of a classic Caron scent.

Love Story is available from the Vines House Parfum website at priced at £75 for 30ml, £100 for 50ml, and £150 for 100ml. The 7.5ml bottle pictured is available as part of The Perfume Society Indulgence Discovery Box priced at £32. [Sample provided by The Perfume Society]

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