Monday 8 February 2021

COLLEGE GREEN - The Quintet of Bath Soaks

If there is one thing that I’ve relied on over the past twelve months then it’s surely been my bathtub. I would happily spend all day in there if I could, reading book after book, because it helps me to switch off, to escape, and to flip the metaphorical sign that says “do not disturb”. It’s also the perfect place to enjoy fragrance, and I’m not just talking about the many candles that have recently appeared. With over a third of the UK now favouring a bath over a shower, what goes into the water has never been more important. So, whether you want to be energised or calmed, College Green is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

The last significant survey on bathing habits was carried out by Victorian Plumbing in 2019. Now, it’s worth remembering that these figures came from a pre-lockdown period and so the majority of people were time starved. The whole “work from home” concept really hadn’t been properly explored, so it’s a fair bet that the use of the humble bathtub has definitely increased over the past twelve months. Victorian Plumbing found the average bath time was twenty five minutes (more like two hours in my house!) and seventy percent of bathers did it to unwind.

Now, with over half of bathers regularly adding a fragranced product to the water you can see why it’s such a burgeoning market at the moment, and also why some companies have really ramped up the prices. So, it was great to discover the decidedly affordable College Green collection by Rachael Lythgoe. The company originally started by making traditional soaps in 2017 but branched out into Bath Soaks two years later. Based in the Cotswolds, and still very much a one-woman operation, the range increased to five fragrances at the beginning of 2020 with something for every taste.

Rachael’s Bath Soaks are based around the traditional ingredients of Epsom Salts and Himalayan Sea Salts, and there really is nothing as rewarding as throwing a handful of these scented stress relievers under running water. The fragrances are a blend of specially selected essential oils and, acknowledging environmental impact and personal budget, the full collection is available in glass jars, refill pouches, or single sachets. I was lucky enough to work my way through the whole collection of five, because I dropped heavy hints to my family that I’d like them for Christmas, but choosing a favourite is hard. So, if you’ll forgive me, here are my top three.

In third place is the the aromatically charged Warming. Now this is a traditional muscle relaxant with eucalyptus, black pepper, and rosemary, but it also has a hint of coldness which is wonderfully unexpected. Second place is Calming with its skin-nourishing blend of goats milk, sandalwood, and oatmeal. Alongside a citrus touched lavender, the delicate woodiness is so exquisite that it’s guaranteed to help you drift off. My top choice though is Happy, which focuses on the citrus blend of sweet orange, lime, and grapefruit. With its uplifting fragrance, it’s the perfect choice for those of us that are longing for some sunshine and escape.

The Bath Soaks are all available from the College Green website at priced at £2.50 for 50g, £5.50 for 200g refill pouch, and £6 for 200g glass jar. [All products were purchased]

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