Thursday 26 November 2020

My Top Five Candles For Christmas 2020

If there’s one thing that positively screams Christmas then it must surely be a candle gently flickering in the corner of a room, or alternatively right in the centre of it if you’re anything like me. I know that we use them all year round but the festive season really is the perfect time for a little scented illumination. This year has seen a massive increase in companies both large and small offering candles, and so our choice has never been greater or more confusing. So, if you’re looking to change from your usual favourite, or even searching for that final last minute gift, I'm here to help with my annual
Top Five Candles For Christmas.

Fifth place goes to the fantastic Nutmeg & Ginger candle from Denys & Fielding. Founded in Kent by two sisters, Liz and Cat, the company specialise in products “made for and by the garden.” This natural candle comes in a beautiful enamel tumbler, perfect for enjoying a festive cocktail in afterwards, and the scent is reminiscent of childhood Christmases. The aroma takes the dry spiced nutmeg and ginger as its central theme but adds in a delicate tonka bean and dark chocolate warmth to sit alongside that powdery quality. Nutmeg & Ginger is available from the Denys & Fielding website and is priced at £18.50 for 350g.

The fourth place sees us hopping over to Arizona courtesy of Ilsa Fragrances and their Infinite No.1 candle. Created by Jessica Reichert-Weber for Ilsa Manning, a percentage of every sale goes to the charity Girls on the Run. A wonderfully sensual amber fragrance, you’re treated to the perfect pairing of jasmine and yang ylang. However, to add some festive elegance and keep the florals under control, a cedarwood and sandalwood combination partners with the amber to add a real feeling of sophistication. Infinite No.1 is available from the Ilsa Fragrances website and is priced at $45 for 227g. (USA only)

For third place we’re going a little more abstract thanks to the evocative Stowaway from We Light. Founded by Kurt Phelan and Lance Horne, the pair started the brand after lockdown unfortunately paused their Broadway theatre careers. Stowaway is great for those that are looking for something more contemporary this Christmas. Inspired by “seaside nights below deck”, it really has that aged wood and mineral quality, but a delicate trace of musk adds some reassuring support just when we all need it most. Stowaway is available from the We Light website priced at $25 for 200g, and it's also available to pick in person if you're in New York. Please note, the jar may vary depending on availability.

Second place sees another lesser known brand in the form of Chelmsford based Olive Tree Home and their Petitgrain & Rosemary candle. Founded in 2017 by Helen Mitchell, the company produce candles in stunning cut glass containers but, beware, this one is a limited edition. The scent opens brightly with bergamot and a slightly herbal petitgrain before a delicately campherous rosemary comes through. With a final touch of frankincense, this candle is the perfect scent to sit alongside your Christmas tree. Petitgrain & Rosemary is available from the Olive Tree Home website and is priced at £35 for 200g.

This brings us to first place and the fantastic Ancient Frankincense by Ruth Mastenbroek. Ruth is the unsung queen of candles, having created anonymously for so many luxury brands, but she’s now finally taking centerstage. Ancient Frankincense is described as a “magical beacon” and you definitely get those decadent fire-like resins cutting through pepper-enriched crisp, evening air. Add in a touch of frosted fir, and a wonderful dose of patchouli, and this is the perfect scent to comfort and relax you this Christmas. Ancient Frankincense is available from the Ruth Mastenbroek website and is priced at £55 for 220g.

Whichever candle you go for this year please remember to observe the instructions and NEVER leave a burning candle unattended! To read my candle recommendations from previous years you can click on the images below. [Samples provided by the companies]


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