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A bottle of Orange Blossom Petal perfume by 1000 Flowers
Many fragrances take their names from singular ingredients or, as became the fashion when Jo Malone London started the trend, a combination of defined notes. Who can ever forget Lime Basil & Mandarin? This is a great way to focus the customer on the style of fragrance that they are going to smell and, in the case of singular names, the star ingredient. However, there is always the risk of preconceived ideas based on previous smelling experience. So, when 1000 Flowers launched Orange Blossom Petal, they cleverly implied a delicacy to the usual robust orange blossom, and the result was a delightful semi-floral experience.

1000 Flowers is the fragranced offspring of perfumer Jessica Buchanan, and her journey to becoming a perfumer is as intricate as her creations. Canadian born, she originally trained in aromatherapy and built a very successful business using scent as a solution to her clients’ concerns. Jessica quickly realised though that she wanted to take her knowledge beyond the level of aromatherapy blends and expand into the world of fine fragrance. There is only so much that you can learn without structured training, and so her next step saw a relocation to Grasse in 2007 and a place at Grasse Institute of Perfumery.

An intense period of training was followed with internships at the famous Robertet and Mane, alongside her own private creation of the fragrances that would form her debut collection of 1000 Flowers. In 2017 Jessica bravely opened her own boutique in the centre of historic Grasse, a town already overcrowded with perfume houses, and seven years later she has gone from strength to strength. What is the secret of Jessica Buchanan’s success? Well, firstly she has avoided the “trend” trap, always staying true to her own direction, and secondly she has never compromised on the quality of her ingredients.

A bottle of Orange Blossom Petal perfume by 1000 Flowers
Orange Blossom Petal
was originally launched in 2016 as part of Jessica’s second range, the Blue Collection. This quartet took inspiration from both wild and cultivated Mediterranean plants but, in an unusual twist, also included damascena rose water as an ingredient in each of the scents. There is always water within a traditional fragrance, but using it as part of the blend provided a delicate continuity amongst the collection and reinforced Jessica's wish to look at ways to expand the wearer’s scented experience. So, leave behind your preconceived ideas of an overpowering floral, and instead dive into a floral delicacy.

Orange Blossom Petal opens incredibly brightly with piercing green galbanum, a metalic-edged neroli and a massive dose of peppery bergamot. This instantly lifts the fragrance, and you know that you’re not in usual “orange blossom” territory. The development sees a teasing lemon leaf petitgrain, which adds a further citrusy leafy quality, before the promised orange blossom comes through with its deeper floral tones. However, it’s given a subtle support with jasmine and a touch of banana-esque ylang, and a hint of that rose in the heart. The fragrance continues with an herbaceous touch of lavender, which almost extends the bergamot’s presence, before being completed with a touch of earthy treemoss and a mere whisper of sweetened patchouli. Bright, crisp, exciting … Orange Blossom Petal is an absolute winner!

Orange Blossom Petal is available from the 1000 Flowers website at and is priced at €65 for 50ml, €15 for 10ml, and €6 for 7ml. [Sample provided by 1000 Flowers]

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