Thursday 3 November 2016

The "Delightful" Leighton Denny

The wait is over! LIGHT & DARK DELIGHTFUL, Leighton Denny’s fourth fragrance, is finally released in its 70ml size on Monday. You probably already know that LIGHT & DARK DESIRE won a coveted Fragrance Foundation award this year, but did you know that his whole perfume range was almost never made? Now, I've known Leighton since 2006, when we were both based in Harrods, but I thought it was time to find out more about his “perfume journey” over a good old-fashioned Sunday roast.

What first made you think about releasing your own fragrance line?
To be honest with you it was never really something that I had thought about. All of my time had been spent perfecting the nail range, and then Sun Believable and Lip Dual, so my days were pretty full. The reason it actually happened was because my customers asked why I hadn't done one. They wanted a fragrance to go with everything else, and so that’s why we launched LIGHT & DARK ORIGINAL.

What perfume most inspired you?
That would have to be Chanel No.5. I grew up knowing that just the name “Chanel” meant luxury and when I started my own company I always hoped that my products would be good enough to be compared to theirs. The other one that I’ve mentioned before, but I’ve got to mention again, is Paco Rabanne XS. It was the first one that I bought for myself in Duty Free, and I still wear it every so often.

So what exactly is the inspiration behind LIGHT & DARK DELIGHTFUL?
How long have you got? Most importantly I wanted it to fit with the other three perfumes, to create a family if you like, and so I decided to introduce a fruity fragrance. What I didn't want was a tutti-fruity sugar overload, I had enough of those as a kid. You obviously still have some wonderful flowers in there as well, but it’s the fruit that is really given the spotlight. I actually said at the first meeting that I wanted “a fragrance so juicy, you’ll want to squeeze it”, and that is what we’ve got.

Now that you have four fragrances, is that the end of the collection?
I don’t have any immediate plans to start on number five, let’s put it that way, but I’m really bad at sitting still. So within a few weeks I might have started on perfume five, six and seven! To be serious, I’ll see how LIGHT & DARK DELIGHTFUL goes down before I make any decisions, but I’m so proud of it and I hope everyone else will be as well.

What one thing would you like to say to all of your customers?
That’s a really hard question because I honestly owe them all so much. I guess that’s what I should say then really. Thank you for staying with me over all of these years and for enjoying the products as much as I enjoy creating them. It’s their emails and comments that give me new ideas, so without them LD Boutique would be a much smaller place.

LIGHT & DARK DELIGHTFUL is available to purchase exclusively from the LD Boutique website along with the previous three, ORIGINAL, LIVELY and DESIRE. Look out for the smart new 5ml Discovery Sets as well, because these are a great way to try the complete collection.

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