Monday 21 February 2022

BELLA BERGAMOTTA by Ancienne Ambiance

If you’ve had the same weekend that I’ve had then it’s mostly been spent worrying what Storm Eunice was planning to inflict upon us. I got off fairly lightly, four ridge tiles crashed down off the main roof and landed on the kitchen extension, but it did mean that there was a definite need for something that could provide a little additional calm and relaxation. With the insurance claim under way, I turned to the gentle flicker of a candle flame. Luckily for us all, Ancienne Ambiance have the limited edition Bella Bergamotta to soothe away our troubles, but you’ll need to be quick if you want to get your hands on one.

Ancienne Ambiance is a company that I’ve mentioned many times on this website, from exquisite perfumes right through to the most delicious soaps, but their candles really are something special. They made my Top Five Candles For Christmas list back in 2018 with Bacca Berry, a delicious blend of blackcurrant, redcurrant and bay leaf, and the matching diffusers are equally as stunning. However, their selection of scents are very carefully curated, and rarely added to. So, when it was announced that two limited editions would be joining the line-up, candle fans were excited to discover what they would be.

The company was founded by Adriana Carlucci as an extension of her family’s involvement with ancient art and antiquities. Originally starting as a gallery range, the company expanded and became a brand in its own right. They developed a secure following early on thanks to their passion for quality and this eventually led to the opening of their flagship boutique in 2014. Located in the heart of London’s fashionable Chelsea, Ancienne Ambience continues to win awards for its products and for the last seven years has been rewarded with the Editor’s Choice in the Beauty Shortlist Awards.

Adrianna is always very careful about expanding her range of products because she has always maintained that each of them has to fit perfectly with the others, and this is particularly noticeable in her candle collection. The selection of eight scents may occasionally get a new jar, but the fragrances stay the same. So, it was an exciting surprise when the arrival of Navitatum and Bella Bergamotta was confirmed. Always planned as a limited release, and only officially available until February 28th 2022, they made the dark days of January a little more bearable and the past weekend decidedly calmer.

Navitatum is a wonderful realisation of your traditional festive style scent, with citrus and spices in abundance, but it’s Bella Bergamotta that I’d like to focus on. The fragrance that is released from this candle is so beautiful, but you’d be wrong to think that it’s just another green citrus scent. It combines the sharpness of the bergamot but supports it with an almost watercolour wash of jasmine. However, you also get a touch of peppered neroli coming through to link the floral and the citrus perfectly. All balanced on a delicate amber base, which doesn’t get in the way of the star ingredient, Bella Bergamotta is both uplifting and calming, and who doesn’t need that at the moment?

The Limited Edition Bella Bergamotta Candle is available from the Ancienne Ambiance website at priced at £60 for 200g. [Sample provided by Ancienne Ambiance]

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