Thursday 7 May 2020

HOPE and GRATITUDE by Ruth Mastenbroek

It’s very difficult to maintain a feeling of normality during challenging times, and this is especially apparent at the moment. Many of us thrive on our interaction with friends and relatives, but that’s had to be momentarily halted for obvious reasons. This sudden change of lifestyle, and the support that goes with it, can have dramatic effects on people’s mental health, especially when they’re working on the frontline. With an increased demand for their services, charities that offer a helping hand are under enormous strain. This is where Ruth Mastenbroek and her family are helping in the form of their Hope and Gratitude candles.

The vast array of ways that people and companies have tried to raise donations during this unprecedented period has been staggering both in their inventiveness and also their number. From Colonel Tom and Michael Ball through to Brad Shaw’s Alice In Wonderland recording, all of the people involved have given their time and talents for free. It’s been this pulling together of resources that has seen some fantastic fundraising. Obviously there have also been companies that have tried to exploit the situation for commercial gain, but those will have to wrestle with their own consciences when this is all over.

Ruth Mastenbroek and her children, Nic and Claire, were one of many perfume companies that were faced with the problem of how to continue their business during a period when all of their stockists were closed. Now, they have a well-deserved following thanks to the exquisite fragrances and diffusers that they make, but they realised that times were going to be tough for the country as a whole, and especially our frontline workers. So, with this in mind, they set out to raise funds for by bringing a little bit of light into the darkness of isolation.

Ruth Mastenbroek is no stranger to candles, she was responsible for the legendary Grapefruit candle for Jo Malone, but the idea of creating the charity duo really was a family decision. They recognised that the weight of responsibility being placed upon the shoulders of frontline workers meant that they needed extra support, and that is being provided by a combination of mental health charities under the banner of So, with the generous help of suppliers from all over the country, Hope and Gratitude has become the perfect way to donate and also to add some brightness into your own home.

The two fragrances are designed to offer celebration and support, with Hope providing positivity to those feeling alone or anxious and Gratitude designed as a thank you to all of the key workers. Hope focuses on the uplifting qualities of ginger and lemongrass, both of which are known have those mind clearing properties, and fills the room with a lemonade-like effervescent crispness. However, Gratitude really is an unashamed love story to tuberose and has a gentle amber base with the merest hint of mango and violet. The duo is a limited release and all of the profits go to

Hope and Gratitude are available from the Ruth Mastenbroek website at priced at £14.95 for each 50g candle, and includes postage.

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