Tuesday 20 September 2022

VICI LEATHER by Electimuss London

Electimuss London Vici Leather Perfume Bottle
There are times when the most carefully thought out product launch, whether that be perfume or literature, can end up taking on a whole new relevance. What starts out as a focused interpretation of a place or time can, without any preconceived intention, become associated with a completely different subject. When Electimuss London decided to launch their newest perfume, Vici Leather, it was designed to sit comfortably within the existing Nero collection. Samples had been sent out, reviewers had been briefed, and then the passing of the longest reigning monarch shone a different light on this new launch.

Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952 and reigned for an incredible 70 years. During that time she oversaw constitutional changes, world changes, and economic changes. However, she never lost her ability to inspire and calm, both of which were needed during the pandemic, and her unwavering service to the United Kingdom and the commonwealth made her a force to be reckoned with. As we leave the second Elizabethan age and enter the Carolean, it’s fitting to celebrate our outgoing monarch. Now, whilst Electimuss could never have imagined this when they launched it, Vici Leather is the perfect choice.

“Veni, vidi, vici” is the famous victory cry of Julius Caesar, and it has inspired the latest fragrance from Electimuss. It translates as “I came, I saw, I conquered”, and never has a phrase more fitted the way that Queen Elizabeth II was able to hold both the love and affection of people around the world. The power and strength of character that she displayed equals any leader from history, and that is why this powerful fragrance is so befitting of her memory. So, how does the world of Julius Caesar merge so perfectly with the late Queen?

Electimuss London Vici Leather Perfume Box
The task of creating Vici Leather was given to perfumer Julien Rasquinet. He was asked to conjure up those famous words in a fragrance but, most importantly, this leather scent needed to be evocative and original. He revelled in the brief and has managed to create a truly fantastic perfume which he rightly describes as “unisex, powerful, and elegant”. Contrasting the masculine with the feminine, and weaving in a feeling of stepping into someone else’s history, Vici Leather is a snapshot of a different time. There’s a subtle difference between overpowering and powerful, and Julien achieves the latter perfectly.

Vici Leather opens with the feeling of stepping into the library of an old country house, where the sunlight from half-drawn curtains is hitting leather chairs. With pink pepper hinting at the sparkle of dust in the air, the warmed leather scent is cut through by the appearance of absinthe, from the aromatic wormwood. However, an aroma of aged mahogany is also present. In the background is the promised note of tuberose, alongside a touch of smokiness, so it has the impression of people having just stepped out of the room. As the fragrance develops, the leather becomes slightly more resinous and the overall fragrance feels a little darker. You get a definite feeling of day changing to night, and it’s a good reminder that everyone's time is fleeting.

Vici Leather is available from the Electimuss website at electimuss.com priced at £225 for 100ml, or from Jovoy in London. [Sample provided by Electimuss]

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