Monday 12 September 2022

4711 REMIX COLOGNE by Delphine Lebeau

4711 Remix Cologne 2022 Grapefruit Bottle
Every perfume company longs to create a fragrance that stands the test of time. Recent releases are considered timeless if they last ten years, but a scent that manages to reach its two hundred and thirtieth birthday is most definitely legendary. A favourite of soldiers returning from Germany, and possibly the ultimate refreshing cologne, I’m talking about 4711. Originally launched in 1792, the difficulty of following up a worldwide hit is the double edged sword that comes with success. 4711 tackled this head on and when they started their Remix collection, and this year’s grapefruit explosion is destined to continue the tradition.

Mäurer & Wirtz are the current company behind 4711, but it all famously began under the Mülhens name. The brand would actually pass through both Wella and Procter & Gamble in the 1990s, before finding its new owners in 2006. The legion of fans ensured the company never lost its sparkle, although the lustre may have dimmed slightly, but its current family immediately set about restoring it to its previous diamond-like status. With a streamlining of its fragrances and the introduction of the exciting Acqua Colonia range in 2009, the company was back on the international fragrance scene.

The story of 4711 Remix Cologne begins back in 2017. The company called on the exciting pairing of Alexandra Kalle and Vincent Shaller to reinterpret the classic 4711 for a modern audience. It was released to celebrate the fragrance’s two hundred and twenty fifth birthday but was only available for one year. However, the exceptional sales couldn’t be ignored, and the company wondered how they could build on its success. The answer was to take seven of the key ingredients from the original and present a new Remix Cologne every year that showcased one of them, and we’re now in the fifth year.

4711 Remix Cologne 2022 Grapefruit Box
The previous Remix colognes featured orange, lavender, lemon and neroli, but this year they’ve taken a pause. With only bergamot, petitgrain and rosemary left from the planned line-up, 4711 bought themselves an extra year by focusing on grapefruit instead. Under the guidance of perfumer Delphine Lebeau, the 2022 edition promises “a fresh, sassy fragrance with zesty power”. The providence of this fragrance was never under any doubt, with Delphine’s collaborations including Parfums de Rosine and Jo Malone London, but the way she explores the exotic side of grapefruit while adding a summer bouquet is delicious.

The fragrance opens with a beautiful citrus medley and, whilst it initially leads with a blood orange, the tart grapefruit comes straight through the centre. There’s a peppered edge to the opening as well, and this almost acts as a pause before the floral heart arrives. Led by a touch of waxy magnolia, a delicately constructed pastel bouquet of freesia, orange blossom and green foliage feels as if it effortlessly contrasts the exotic with the romantic, but it’s the orange blossom that adds the floral depth. The final development of the scent on the skin sees a sweetened sandalwood note come through, surrounded by a powdery iris-like musk, before a delicate scatter of incense elevates this from a seasonal novelty to a lasting favourite.

The 4711 Remix Cologne is available in from the 4711 website at (UK customers can purchase from Parfum Dreams at and is priced at €26 for 100ml. [Bottle was purchased]

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