Monday 29 August 2022


Fragonard Soins Essentiels range of natural and organic skincare
When we think about perfume our thoughts instinctively go to the scented spritz that comes out of our favourite bottle. However, we forget that our daily lives are also scented with everything from fabric softener to shower gel. It’s natural then that customers have started to ask questions about the suitability of fragrance within certain products, and especially within skincare. The scent of your favourite face cream or hand lotion is often as important as the result, but can scent and substance be made to work together? Fragonard have just launched their Soins Essentiels range, and the results are a little piece of Provençal perfection.

Fragonard is a company that I’ve written about many times, and it’s also one that the majority of fragrance fans will have heard of. Based in Grasse, the spiritual home of perfumery, they are one of three family run perfumers that are still based in the area. The company was originally founded in 1926 by Eugène Fuchs as a way of catering to the growing tourist market that were motoring up to the region but, over the course of the next 96 years, it has rightfully taken its place as a major player in the international perfume market.

Fragonard Soins Essentiels Face Cream
The world of skincare is nothing new to Fragonard, although previously it was more of a traditional “fragrance meets cream” approach. They dabbled with royal jelly, played with argan oil and even launched the delicate VRAI range, but there was so much more to come. The company began exploring both organic and natural options, and the new Soins Essentiels range is the result. They have managed to create a collection that is up to 99% natural, up to 56% organic, and uses both recyled plastic and glass, which is why they are allowed to display both the Cosmébio label and the Cosmos Organic certification from Cosmécert.

Fragonard is a fragrance company, and so it was clear from the beginning that the range would also have to smell fantastic. To achieve this they enlisted the help of perfumer Karine Dubreuil. She was tasked with created fragrances for each of the products that would provide a feeling of uniformity, at the same time as individuality, but also ensure that the ingredients were 100% natural. She shared that this restriction actually made her more focused, and the inspiration became “emblematic Grasse flowers, Haute-Provence lavender and sweet-scented herbs from the hills.” So, what does the collection contain?

Fragonard Soins Essentiels Orange Blossom Body Lotion
The Soins Essentiels range contains seven products including Rose Micellar Water, a Cornflower Cleansing Milk, the Olive Oil Hand Cream and a Prickly Pear Seed Oil. However, there are three that I am loving as the weather turns colder. The Sweet Almond Face Cream has the delicate scent of aromatic orange, and glides beautifully onto the skin, while the accompanying Absolute Balm celebrates Provençal lavender and is perfect for supercharging the cream and to keep handy during winter weather. My top choice though has got to be the Orange Blossom Body Lotion, because its tangy floral aroma is the perfect start to any day.

The full Soins Essentiels collection is available from the Fragonard website as with prices ranging from €15 to €44. [Samples provided by Fragonard]

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