Monday 6 November 2023

OF GOLD AND LIGHT by Fragonard

The three Fragonard Christmas candles from their OF GOLD AND LIGHT collection illustrated by Alessandro Florio
Christmas is always a time for traditions, and it’s also often the only period in the year when we can truly trust what has gone before. All of those delicious memories of food that was loved, the presents that were eagerly anticipated, and the wonderful scents that surrounded us with a feeling of security and familiarity. This also goes for the companies that we buy from, especially when it comes to candles. There are so many to choose between, especially at Christmas time, but one company that always excels is Fragonard. This year they’ve teamed up with the artist Alessandro Florio to create A Christmas of Gold and Light.

Fragonard is one of the most famous perfumeries in Grasse and, since 1926, has been captivating a worldwide audience with their fragrances. Belle de Nuit is still their most famous, and should be in everyone’s collection, but their range of home products easily equal these iconic perfumes. The regular selection includes everything from bright florals through to rich gourmands, but it’s the annual Christmas Collection that always causes a stir. There’s one fragrance that everyone waits for patiently, and always something new to excite and surprise, but the collection is far more than just the candle scents.

The boxes for the three Fragonard Christmas candles from their OF GOLD AND LIGHT collection illustrated by Alessandro Florio
The past few years have seen Fragonard revamp its entire packaging and, wonderfully for us, this has also included their Christmas Collection. Each year they partner with a new artist to create a limited edition set of illustrations that adorn the jars and boxes, and this year it’s the turn of Alessandro Florio. Based in Sicily, his style sees him translate the heritage and emotion of his beloved city onto the canvas and, in doing so, aims to share a personal link between his creations and his identity. The illustrations that he has created are absolutely perfect for each of the candles, so I think that it’s about time we discovered them.

The first fragrance is the eagerly awaited Cette Nuit-Là (previously known as Allumez-Moi). This candle is the epitome of the scent of Christmas, and no home should be without one. Fragonard has captured the scent of the tree but, and this is the special part, there is a crisp breeze that flows straight through the centre of the fragrance. Carried on this is a whisper of orange blossom and citrus notes, so there’s that touch of festive fruits as well. Whether you’re amplifying the scent of a real tree or compensating for an artificial one, this is still the ultimate Christmas tree candle.

The Fragonard Confidentiel candle from their OF LIGHT AND GOLD Christmas Collection
The second fragrance sees the first of the new scents join the festivities, and nostalgically reuses the name of a Fragonard fragrance that is now discontinued. Confidentiel is your gourmand candle and, while it’s not intended to smell exactly like it, has a delicious hint of gingerbread about it. There’s a beautiful blend of cardamom and candied clementine, added to by nutmeg, but a hint of apricot-tinged osmanthus adds a wonderfully unexpected note. The final touches of vanilla and caramel in Confidentiel complete a Christmas scent that makes you want to skip the dinner and head straight to the dessert.

The third and final candle in the Christmas of Gold and Light collection sees another name plucked from Fragonard’s archives, this time the illusive Ami Chéri. Like Confidentiel, this is a new scent and has been designed to celebrate the spicier side of Christmas. You have a wintery blend of nutmeg and cinnamon right at the beginning but, alongside, there’s also a whiskyed clove that hints at those late-night tipples. With a strong support from woody patchouli, warming tonka bean, and just a touch of incense, this candle is perfect for those that want their festivities to have an exciting edge.

The three limited edition candles are available from the Fragonard website at and are each priced at €32 for 200g. The Christmas of Gold and Light collection also includes a diffuser, a hand cream, and a duo of soaps. [Candles were purchased]

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