Monday 17 June 2024

AU BORD DE LA MER by Orosmo Perfumery

A bottle of the perfume Au Bord de la Mer from Orosmo Perfumery
Niche perfumery, artisan perfumery, independent perfumery - whichever term you prefer, it’s impossible to ignore the contribution that these make to the fragrance market. They have the ability to ignore high-street trends, because they're often produced in much smaller quantities, so the customer gets to experience scent styles they won’t find in the larger department stores. One of these independent companies is Orosmo Perfumery, and their two collections offer a wonderful insight into how “niche can be wearable”. So, with summer approaching, let’s head to the sea with the wonderfully aquatic Au Bord de la Mer.

Orosmo Perfumery was founded by Lindsay Maxwell who had spent the majority of her career living and working in Paris. It was there that she became fascinated by perfumes and the perfume industry, but it was confined to an out-of-hours interest at that point. Her return to the UK was the turning point for Lindsay though, as she decided to share her take on the perfume market by launching a debut collection of four fragrances. Jardin d’Arles, L'Orangerie aux Epices, Au Bord de la Mer and Feu de Joie took the wearer from powdery floral right through to smoky amber.

Lindsay was one of the many companies that had scheduled to launch in 2020 but, as you’ll remember, we found ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic. This would have been a very understandable reason to pause… but she bravely decided to continue. The first four fragrances were joined by a Lavender & White Thyme Hand Sanitiser and Hand Cream pair which, as well as being wonderfully affordable, became a best-selling addition to her customers’ daily lives. It was this relationship with her customers that kept her business going through those tough years, and they were rewarded at the end of 2021.

A bottle of the perfume Au Bord de la Mer from Orosmo Perfumery
The second collection of four fragrances launched in time for Christmas and were designed to take the wearer in a different direction. Called the Seductive Collection, they showcased the darker side of perfumery with doses of incense, narcissus and leather taking the lead. Narcisse Narcotique, Brume d’Encens, Voile Mystérieux and Cuir Hédoniste formed an exciting follow up to the Debut Collection, and Lindsay also reintroduced the 15ml Splash & Dab bottle along with a new solid perfume. Having eight great fragrances to choose from is hard, but Au Bord de la Mer managed to snatch my summer interest.

The fragrance opens with an invigorating blend of piercing bergamot and aromatic lavender, and the former manages to bring out the gloriously campherous nuance of the latter. Alongside a hit of green galbanum, the development then seamlessly reveals aquatic notes that are cleverly partnered with a watery blend of narcissus and orchid. This provides an airiness to the scent, and an added touch of pepper hints at a mineral quality from those coastal walks. With a final reveal of dry cedarwood and oakmoss helping to conjure the expansiveness of the beach, the sensual touch of vanilla and labdanum adds that wonderfully sun-warmed-skin effect. Described as an “oceanic chypre”, Au Bord de la Mer definitely hits the water-mark.

Au Bord de la Mer is available from the Orosmo Perfumery website at priced at £45 for 30ml, £25 for 15ml, £20 for 7ml, and £15 for the 5ml solid perfume. [Sample provided by Orosmo Perfumery]

* I worked freelance for Orosmo Perfumery at the beginning of 2022 but all opinions within this article are my own.

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