Friday, 15 May 2015

FOREVER KRYSTLE by Charles of the Ritz

After a trip to my local sorting office I have finally got my hands on a bottle of Forever Krystle. Now I’m expecting a powerhouse of a fragrance, this is the 1980s after all. It was the decade of shoulder pads and big hair, and it also gave rise to many perfumes that matched. So, how does this one compare? The only ingredients that ever seem to have been revealed for this Charles of the Ritz fragrance were Bergamot, Mimosa, Rose and Musk. Now that would put the fragrance firmly into the Floral family, but is that actually right? Let's see if Forever Krystle matches the grace of the lady herself.

The fragrance opens surprisingly with a burst of Mimosa, the Bergamot showing itself second, but at the same time as the rose starting to come through there is also a pepper/eugenol note which playfully suggests a spicy oriental could be about to appear. This is followed by a sweeter aspect (coumarin plus vanilla) which is there to support, I would suspect, a synthetic/natural blend of May rose. I think it was at this point that some previous reviewers decided that the fragrance was a Floral, without giving it a chance to completely settle.

The initial impression seems to last for around an hour before a final drydown is reached of musk (nitro?), vanilla and just a delicate hint of rose. Also present though is Iris … lots of Iris. The problem though is that once you reach this dry down the fragrance doesn’t develop again, it merely gets lighter. There is no heavy resinous amber, just a dry powdery quality with hints of vanilla that act as a gentle base. To my mind that puts the fragrance very happily in the Floral Oriental family.

You have to remember that Krystle Carrington was the epitome of a gracious lady, the exact opposite of Alexis, and so the Iris combined with the Musk provides a gentle, saintly quality. So, is it what I expected? No, but I am pleasantly surprised. What I thought was going to be a brash, rose centred floral turned out to be a gently romantic scent. As the original advertisement said, “Created to celebrate the love that lives forever".

The Parfum and EDT regularly show up on eBay, although the fragrance is no longer being produced.

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