Monday 11 May 2015

Armed and Dangerous

I'm sure that every reader has found themselves, at one time or another, dodging around the department store trying desperately to avoid getting "traffic stopped" by a consultant who is armed with the latest "O Dee Perfume".

Should we really be so scared about making eye contact with the "fragrance fighters"? Of course we shouldn't. Firstly, they are only doing their jobs and secondly, give them a chance and see if they really do know their juice. If you love your perfumes then why wouldn't you want a one to one introduction to a new fragrance?

Now, the "fragrance fighters" will fall into two camps, agency staff and full time consultants. The agency staff will have been briefed on the product so should be able to talk about basic ingredients, the concept and of course the price; even being told this might encourage you to try it on your wrist. If they can't give you all of the information that you want, and you have time, then go to the counter and ask one of the consultants. Remember, the consultant has been trained, but every company will provide different levels of knowledge.

One of the best for information is still Guerlain, closely followed by Yves Saint Laurent. However, and this is a BIG however, some of the smaller companies are really starting to come through with facts and figures. They have no international agenda, multi-territory marketing strategies or "fight to the death" profit forecasts. Instead they have a desire to win a share of the UK fragrance market and create for themselves a sustainable business. The way they are doing this is by creating a “consultant” loyalty; you are buying into your consultant and not necessarily the company.

So, next time you get asked to try a “new” creation just remember your Green Cross Code … “Stop, look and listen”.

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