Thursday 27 April 2017

4160Tuesdays' DANGLY DO-DAH

It’s always interesting to find new ways of using fragrance but people still seem to make a very definite divide between perfume and home scents. Perfumes are seen as a daily necessity whilst home scents are regarded as fairly functional. I’m sure that most people have had a Jo Malone candle at some point or a White Company Room Diffuser but was it exactly the scent that you expected? So often the fragrance that we really want doesn’t exist in a home product, but 4160Tuesdays have come to the rescue. With the help of their Dangly Do-Dah, yes you read that right, you can now have any scent that you desire.

How well a home fragrance works depends on the airflow in a room. A diffuser perfumes the air by drawing up the liquid through the reeds whilst a candle makes the scent airborne by warming the wax. It's these different mechanisms for releasing the aroma that is the reason why some fragrances just don’t work in one or both forms. The idea of spraying porcelain with fragrance is nothing new but it used to have a pretty hefty price tag attached to it, that is until Sarah McCartney revealed her Dangly Do-Dah.

This six-centimetre circle of unglazed porcelain is made by Les Parfumables in Limoges, which is France's porcelain capital. The reason that it’s left unglazed is that any fragrance sprayed onto it will then be absorbed into the porcelain and gradually released. So, if you want your room to be scented with your favourite Frederic Malle fragrance, a classic such as Chanel No.5 or even one of Sarah’s own creations then you need look no further. You simply saturate the disc with your choice of perfume and hang it near an open window, or in a spot that people will walk past.

The air moving around the disc releases the scent in the same way as a room diffuser, except that this time you can choose ANY fragrance that you wish. The perfume should stay on the disc for up to a month and once it’s finished you simply respray with the same fragrance or chose a new one. I do advise about four sprays on each side, wait for it to fully dry, and then repeat for maximum effect. So, the only decision that you’ll need to make is what fragrance do you want to use?

You can either have the Dangly Do-Dah sent to you unperfumed or alternatively pre-sprayed with one of Sarah’s own fragrances, just request the scent that you would like in the delivery notes. Now, I would never want to influence you (as if!) but Dark Heart of Old Havana and the Lion Cupboard are incredibly decadent when sprayed onto the porcelain, but on the other hand Sunshine and Pancakes will give you some of that wonderful British seaside brightness. The choice is yours.


  1. What a splendid blog post. Sarah deserves to have her Dangly Do-Dahs broadcast far and wide. I think you would be coreect with Dark Heart, as you know, I love it too. I still need to sniff Lion Cuoboard and Sunshine. So many scents, so little that would make a good name for a song hahaha.

    1. Hello Barry, I'm glad that you also like Dark Heart (although I always call it Deep Heart by accident). Best, Stephan