Thursday 21 December 2017

Four Christmas Fragrances From The High Street

We’ve arrived at the “four days to go” mark and the grand panic will start to begin for many festive shoppers. Christmas Day comes at the same time every year, but every year people seem to get caught out. Internet shopping is a big mistake this late in the day, whatever the companies may promise, and so it’s time to fall back on the tried and trusted high street department stores. You need to say farewell to any prospect of a niche offering and embrace the best of the mainstream. To help you out I’ve chosen four that are guaranteed to put a smile on any recipient’s face. Let’s go shopping!

Let’s start with one of the biggest releases that Guerlain have ever attempted, Mon Guerlain. This fragrance started out life as Mon Exlusif before being launched worldwide with the backing of Angelina Jolie. A slight reworking by its creator, Thierry Wasser, has meant the citrus, Carla lavender and “solar florals” are delicately muted but the iris-laden musk and smooth sandalwood are still just as beautiful in this Fresh Oriental. Mon Guerlain will garner brownie points under any Christmas tree. It's priced at £68 for 50ml or £96 for 100ml.

Another big launch this year was Gabrielle by Chanel. Widely publicised as its first major mainstream release for fifteen years, London was taken over with billboards and pop-up stores promoting the new fragrance. It was a fusion between the classic qualities of the Chanel perennials with the playfulness of its Chance range, and was deliberately designed for any age. Described as an abstract white floral, Olivier Polge’s Gabrielle is an easy to wear addition to this famous house. It’s priced at £79 for 50ml or £112 for 100ml.

Let’s move on to a sure fire hit for the man in your life, Russian Leather by Molton Brown. I know that the company is most famous for its bath and body products but this year’s fragrance release is definitely worth hunting out. Created by Firmenich’s Loïc Bisceglie, he described Russian Leather as “very intense, very striking, very different”, and it really is. The combination of birch, black tea and tobacco provides a sensual quality but also a subtlety and, layered on top of the matching shower gel, gives off a wonderfully masculine vibe. It’s priced at £39 for 50ml.

For my final high street choice we’re heading back to 2001 to revisit 154 by Jo Malone. Created by Sophie Labbé, it’s still widely regarded as one of the most masculine releases from the company. With a definite oriental style to it, a carefully controlled opening burst of citrus blends perfectly with the gently spiced lavender and patchouli. 154 is an easy fragrance for any man to wear but is often overlooked in favour of the newer releases. If you want to introduce your partner to the fragrances of Jo Malone then this is a pretty safe bet. It’s priced at £45 for 30ml or £90 for 100ml.

Whatever fragrance you choose to wrap up and slide under the Christmas tree just remember to ask for a gift receipt. I wish you all a very happy Christmas and I’ll see you again in January.

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