Thursday 17 May 2018


Is it too soon to cross our fingers and hope that summer is now well and truly on its way? The first burst of sun sees people reaching for the latest spritzing blockbuster in an attempt to feel even more zesty and upbeat, but there is a beach hut full of classics that we can also call into action. One of these is the truly fantastic Eau Dynamisante from Clarins, which celebrates its thirty-first birthday this year. This was the original fragrance in their “Eau” trio, but what has made it such a favourite with both men and women? Let me show you the magic that is hidden inside that classic red spherical bottle.

Clarins is such a regular sight on most high streets around the world that many people don’t realise that the company actually dates back to 1954. Founded in Paris by Jacques Courtin, who was then a medical student, their aim was to create products using solely natural ingredients. Whilst this has relaxed slightly over time, they will still always choose a natural ingredient over a synthetic one if it delivers the same level of effectiveness. Also, after sixty-four years, their belief that “well-being and happiness are inextricably linked to beauty” has never faltered.

Still very much a family firm, Clarins has always tried to be accessible to its customers. From skincare to sun cream or Double Serum to lipsticks, they adapted their approach to match the changing demands of the market. It was this idea of adding to their existing range that brought about Eau Dynamisante. Introducing a fragrance into a skincare brand is a tricky thing to do and, back in 1987, making a wholly natural perfume didn’t really fit with the shoulder pad styling of the time. However, the gamble paid off and Clarins once again hit the headlines.

Eau Dynamisante was marketed as “the first fragrance and body treatment in one spa-fresh formula.” The idea was that the combination of oils would provide an uplifting scent whilst the extracts would help with toning and firming the skin. You had the option of a splash bottle if you wanted to use it as a frictionate on the body or the traditional spray if it was the fragrance that was your preference. Either way, the scent became an addictive alternative to the age of excess and a welcome relief to the recession that was to come. So, how does it smell?

Eau Dynamisante opens with a huge dose of rosemary, which puts you in mind of one of the classic colognes, but close behind you get the aromatic mix of cardamom and coriander. The citrus notes of orange and Amalfi lemon then add to this wonderfully herbal green quality before a spicy carnation cuts through with a whisper of patchouli. There are no floral notes listed in the description from Clarins but, to my nose, there is a touch of rose and jasmine in there which is used very much as a delicate support rather than a central player.

It’s worth noting that many people, including myself, have found that the aromatic citrus qualities of Eau Dynamisante have also kept the troublesome mosquitoes away, without having to resort to the harsher insect repellents. Eau Dynamisante is available from all Clarins counters priced at £34 for 100ml or £45 for 200ml.


  1. Ah, Eau dynamisante smells soooooo good!
    I'm using this since 1990.
    Love your nice blog.

    1. Hello Lou, thank you for your kind comments. It will soon be time to bring out the Dynamisante again. Best wishes, Stephan