Monday 18 June 2018

4711 REMIX COLOGNE by Nicholas Beaulieu

If you were asked what the most famous cologne in the world is then the chances are that 4711 would probably come to mind. This classic cologne has been a favourite since it launched back in 1792 and it became a regular gift for soldiers returning from Germany to give to their wives, even well into the 1970s. Originally created by Mülhens but now owned by Mäurer & Wirtz, 4711 has had numerous companion fragrances in the past but this year sees the beginning of a new seven-year series called 4711 Remix Cologne. Described as “tangy, loud and fresh”, let me introduce you to this year’s orange inspired interpretation.

The need to keep an established fragrance current is one that many companies have had to address over the years. Options such as reformulation or massive advertising campaigns are the usual routes but Mäurer & Wirtz chose something a little different in 2017. They tasked Alexandra Kalle and Vincent Shaller with reinterpreting the classic 4711 for a modern audience. It was released to celebrate the fragrance’s two hundred and twenty fifth birthday but was only available for one year. It was called 4711 Remix Cologne Anniversary Edition and its success made the company look a little closer at “remixing”.

The 2017 release took the classic ingredients found in the original cologne, as well as adding in some new musks and aquatic notes, and “re-mixed” them in a more contemporary way. This reinterpreting resulted in the decision being made that 4711 Remix Cologne would become the title for a whole series of fragrances that would run over the next seven years. Each year, starting in 2018, the Remix series would celebrate one of the key ingredients from the original cologne. The seven chosen were bergamot, lemon, neroli, petigrain, lavender, rosemary and, to begin the series, orange.

Nicholas Beaulieu was chosen to bring this first scent to life and his brief was to “encapsulate the cheeriness and effervescence found in the fragrance of oranges”. Now, orange colognes are nothing new for 4711, they previously showcased the ingredient in 4711 Portugal and also in the Acqua Colonia range, but in Nicholas’ hands the fragrance takes on a crystal clear brightness that is reminiscent of walking through Menton during the citrus festival. Presented in the classic Molanus bottle, but with an eye-catching splash of orange, 4711 Remix Cologne succeeds in symbolising “a true fragrance explosion in bright colours”.

Nicholas’ fragrance focuses on the mouthwatering zestiness of the fruit rather than the juiciness and you cannot fail but be grabbed by the vivid citrus opening of bergamot, lemon and bitter orange. The ingredient list also includes gentian and, whilst I couldn’t pick it out on its own, there is definitely a touch of the arrestingly green bitterness in there. Neroli adds just enough blossom to soften the sharp citrus and, whilst colognes tend not to develop a great deal, you do get a wonderfully watery quality before the delicate musk adds a final skin-soft touch to the drydown.

4711 Remix Cologne is available from selected stockists and online at priced at €24 for 100ml or €30 for 150ml. [Bottle was purchased]


  1. First time hearing of it.

    1. Hello Tammy, hunt it out ... you won't be disappointed. Best, Stephan