Monday 27 May 2019

COCOROSA BEAUTY - The Sweet Smell of Success

It’s unusual to go through our daily lives without experiencing scent in one form or another. Sometimes natural and sometimes artificial, it's often designed to make us react to a product or an environment in a certain way. However, scented ingredients can also go far beyond merely fragrancing, they can be part of the reason something actually works. Cocorosa Beauty launched in 2018 and is a natural skincare brand that uses essential oils as its active ingredients. Alongside the restorative benefits, the combinations have resulted in the most beautiful aromas and can definitely be said to have “the sweet smell of success.”

When Fiona Tutte founded Cocorosa Beauty it came after a five year absence from the beauty industry. Her original award winning company was Pure Lochside but, after the sudden death of her husband, she no longer felt that she could continue the with a brand that they had both set up together. However, in that time she was still creating products for herself and her friends. It was with their support that she eventually decided that the time was right to return to the beauty industry, and so honour a memory whilst also creating new ones.

Using essential oils for their restorative properties is not a new idea, we have been doing this for centuries, but Fiona Tutte has almost reinvented the style. The usual concept of creams and lotions have gone and, in their place, a full routine has been created that promises to cleanse, soothe, and renew. By stripped back the traditional marketing and PR layers, Fiona has formed a capsule collection of four products that achieve optimum skin health but also smell amazing. Never underestimate the scent of skincare, it becomes part of your daily routine, but it’s rare to find that the perfume is providing the performance.

So, let’s start at the very beginning with the Egyptian Neroli Cleansing Oil. It contains sweet orange, petitgrain, and neroli to give a cologne-like aroma when you use it on the face. The scent is reminiscent of holiday sunshine and leaves the skin feeling soft, clean, and wonderfully smooth. Also part of the cleansing routine is the Superfruit 3 in 1 Cleansing Powder. Now, this doesn’t have a scent as such but can be mixed with the cleansing oil to form an exfoliator or mask. Leaving this combination on the skin for ten minutes is definitely a treat that I recommend.

Rosa Revive & Renew Face Oil owes much of its fragrance to a rich damask rose but the citrus aspects are again brought out by sweet orange and neroli. However, the addition of geranium, rosewood, and frankincense makes this much earthier and decadent than your regular face oils, and a little goes a very long way. This skincare range truly is a wonderfully unisex collection and, because of its compact size, can easily be thrown into the gym bag. Also, for guys, if you’re currently sporting a beard like I am then the oils condition it perfectly and the super fruit exfoliator is great on the neck line.

Finally, it’s the turn of the Alpine Lavender & Arnica Soothe Balm. This award-winning aromatic blend of black pepper, lavender, marjoram, and chamomile is mixed into a cocoa and shea butter base that can only be described as delicious. The addition of eucalyptus, peppermint, and pine cuts through the sweetness but is also joined by a delicate touch of citrus. Originally part of Fiona’s Lochside collection, and designed for aching joints and muscles, I’ve seen a very noticeable difference in my world-weary knees and I also have to confess to wearing it on my wrists as a solid perfume.

The Cocorosa Beauty range is available from selected stockists and also from the website at with prices starting from £4. [Samples provided by Fiona Tutte]

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