Thursday 2 May 2019


Continuing a regular series can be a challenge for any perfume company but it’s made especially difficult when you’re having to follow an award winner. This is the situation that Bronnley found itself in with the release of their latest fragrance in the Contemporary Collection, and may even explain its slight delay. The third perfume in the range continues the theme of florals combining with fruits and, with a nod to the previous two scents, perfectly complements those past releases. One hundred and thirty-five years after originally launching, will Bronnley continue its legacy with the new White Rose & Raspberry?

When Bronnley released Pink Peony & Rhubarb back in 2016 it came hot on the heels of their Eclectic Elements series. This collection of six fragrances took Bronnley in a very different direction to their traditional florals and, at the time, was said to have been “inspired by the elements of earth, water, air, fire and aether.” The success of the range was just the encouragement that the company needed to experiment once again, and that was how the Contemporary Collection was born. Pink Peony & Rhubarb went on to be nominated in the 2017 Pure Beauty Awards and the following year saw even more success.

The follow-up fragrance was Iris & Wild Cassis and it continued to explore the “fusion of fresh fruits and rich florals.” It was interesting that it included a bitter chocolate accord and, at the time of its release, I described it as adding “depth, character, but thankfully no sickly sweetness.” This perfume really caught the imagination of the customers and it went on to be the Bronze Winner in the 2018 Pure Beauty Awards for Best New Fragrance. So, after journeying from a sherbet floral in year one to last year’s sensual classic, what does 2019 have in store with White Rose & Raspberry?

The white rose of the title is present throughout the fragrance, although over time it does deepen to a more majestic red, but the opening impression owes much to the combination of tangy bergamot and the note of crisp apple. You also get a touch of fashionable violet in here that links beautifully as the floral develops, and then the arrival of a very subtle jasmine definitely supports rather than overshadows the rose. However, as the first traces of the fragrance’s key fruit start to appear, White Rose & Raspberry begins to move into a slightly more opulent direction.

The raspberry of the title is designed to appear at the same time as the vanilla and so does produce what Bronnley describe as a “sugared” effect, although it is by no means syrupy. This works well with the amber accord, which hints at a classic oriental structure, but it is kept crisp with a dry cedarwood. The earthy patchouli within the accord gives a touch of “bitter chocolate” in a similar way to last year’s release and, alongside a perfectly measured dose of iris-like white musk, allows the rose to delicately fade on the skin with an addictively woody touch.

White Rose & Raspberry is available from the Bronnley website at and selected stockists priced at £16 for 50ml. [Sample provided by Bronnley]


  1. I know that this sounds terrible, but I haven't smelled any of the scents from Bronnley. I used to love their soaps. Reading this has picqued my interest, so I shall have to sniff some of them. Thanks Stephan.

    1. Hello Barry, do have a go with the Bronnley scents because they are extremely underrated. Their English Fern fragrance is really good and you can find the review for that in the "Perfume Reviews" on here. Best, Stephan

    2. Thanks for that Stephan. I'll go and have a read. I already have Penhaligon's English Fern, and Trumper's Wild Fern, so I think I like fougeres :)