Thursday 6 June 2019

SENSORI+ puts the Science into Scent

The idea of using scent to perfume our surroundings is nothing new, we’ve been doing it for centuries, but the explosion in the home fragrance market is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. From Jo Malone London’s iconic candles to Alessandro Agrati’s groundbreaking diffuser, our need to scent the rooms in our houses is born out of a love of pretty aromas but also a need to mask potential unpleasantness. This idea of merely covering up unwanted smells is being turned on its head with the launch of the new Australian range of Air Detoxifying Aromatic Mists from Sensori+ and the result is wonderfully refreshing.

When we think about “odour neutralising” our thoughts usually go to Febreze fabric spray, the legendary Shake n’ Vac, or a multitude of candles that promised to eliminate the smell of smoke, cooking, and even dogs. These still relied very heavily on masking the original aroma, usually with citrus and “clean linen” scents, but Sensori+ have actually developed a home fragrancing system that claims to purify the air rather than merely disguise it. It’s a big promise, especially when one of their products is also unscented, so let’s look a little deeper into the Sensori+ technique.

The company’s whole ethos is that “purification is a process of elimination, not of addition,” and their breakthrough ingredient is a compound called ChlorosPURE®. This is extracted naturally from Australian plants and is said to eliminate over one hundred air toxins, and to neutralise “malodour.” Now, the word “malodour” is such a wonderfully descriptive word for any company to use. It makes you almost visualise that annoying scent that you often try desperately to rid your room of, but which usually ends up being merely masked with another aroma that may ultimately be equally as intrusive.

So, the science behind ChlorosPURE® is described as green technology because it is a natural, pH neutral compound that acts by breaking down the airborne molecules into their component parts. It’s this “deconstruction” that the company says is unique to the brand and that provides the key to a “fresher and cleaner living environment.” Now, alongside two scented mists, Sensori+ have also released an unscented version which solely acts to “neutralise odours, eliminate toxins and refresh your space” with no additional fragrance. I did find that it made my room feel crisper but, it has to be said, the two Australian inspired scented editions are simply stunning.

Macedon Trail is blended to evoke the smell of the Macedon Ranges in Victoria. Almost fougere-like in its style, a wonderfully earthy vetiver is mixed with geranium and lavender to give a real outdoor quality. This sits above a smooth sandalwood and, with green notes of pine and neroli, is evocative of woodland walks. Gayndah Orchard couldn’t be more different with its sunny stroll through the Queensland town. An effervescent citrus and neroli blend sits proudly above an elegant cedarwood and sandalwood pairing, but you’ve also got a delicately aromatic touch provided by lavender and rosemary.

The Sensori+ range is available from the website at and selected stockists priced at A$69.95 (£38.50) for 100ml. [Samples provided by Sensori+]

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