Monday 10 June 2019

MA BLONDE by Jean-Claude Delville

When it comes to new perfume releases we often get bombarded with very serious stories about its inspiration, or details of a company’s “Corporate Social Responsibility,” before we’ve even smelled the fragrance. To the majority of people, wearing perfume is just a fun frivolity that makes them feel happy and confident. It’s this latter idea of playfulness mixed with individuality that Candice Rosa chose when she decided to launch Ma Blonde. Based in Canada, everything about this brand screams “fun” and, with a fragrance to back up the concept, it could well be my guilty pleasure for this summer.

Candice Rosa has had a very successful career in the Canadian wine business but it was a meeting with perfumer Jean-Claude Delville that made her realise the similarities in the two industries. The idea of blending, maturing, harvesting, and even the “notes” found within the bouquets, got her thinking about how fragrance had always played a large part in her life. Having sisters had meant that perfume was always around her and, because they were a close family that offered a “nest of unconditional love and support,” she grew up associating scent with individuality and confidence.

Candice describes Ma Blonde as “a fearless, playful and free-spirited metaphor of self-identity, empowerment, strength, independence, resilience, warmth and humour. It’s a statement - your personal statement - engaging everyone along its fragrant path.” Throughout the company’s website it feels as if their message is actually a very simple one, be proud of who you are and celebrate your own abilities. Okay, it’s not always as simple as spraying on a fragrance to overcome insecurities and to dismiss your doubts but, because of the way the scent has been designed, you definitely get a smile in a bottle.

To realise the fragrance Candice turned to Jean-Claude Delville, founder of The Society of Scent. Now, Jean-Claude has worked for Firmenich, IFF, and Drom so comes with an exceptional reputation. His creations for Jo Malone London, Givenchy, and Kenzo made him the perfect choice to turn the idea of “playful confidence” into a fragrance. He described Ma Blonde as “a sensation, a message of femininity and independence,” adding that it would create “a new dimension for women in the world of perfume.” Now, whilst this is aimed squarely at the female market it’s also perfect for men who love their florals.

Ma Blonde opens with a deliciously playful burst of tart raspberry mixed with a hint of blackcurrant, and you can start to get the marshmallow quality straight away. This softness is joined by a delicate bouquet of jasmine, orange blossom, peony petals and a powdery mimosa that, together, is almost nectar-like. However, the fragrance turns on a sixpence once the honeyed sandalwood and tonka bean come into play. It goes off in a decidedly more woody direction, thanks to the earthy vetiver and carefully balanced patchouli, and puts me in mind of a flirtatious gourmand with a hint of danger under the surface.

Ma Blonde is available from the website at and is priced at $8 for 2ml or $100 for 30ml. [Sample provided by Candice Rosa]


  1. Another interesting sounding one. Thanks Stephan.

    1. Hello Barry, it's definitely worth hunting out because it's a beautiful take on a delicate floral. Best, Stephan