Monday 3 August 2020


One of the challenges when creating a home fragrance is deciding whether it will be season specific or suitable for all year scenting, and choosing whether that aroma will be uplifting and expansive or comforting and embracing is often one of the most difficult decisions to make. The characteristics of summer citruses and winter warmers means that they often get associated with a particular time of the year, and so creating a scent that can truly transcend the seasons is a difficult task. That's why it was a great treat to discover the perfect ambience all-rounder in Eloise Hall’s wonderful Optimism Diffuser.

Eloise Hall had never planned on launching a home scent collection, and it couldn’t be further from her original career. She originally trained as a milliner and went on to launch a very successful hat business. Alongside this she also started creating intricate collages which, after gaining a dedicated following, were also reproduced as art prints. However, the big change for Eloise would come when she moved from London to Somerset. She said that it almost felt like she had reconnected with the beauty of the English countryside, and this saw the start of her stunning illustrations.

Originally launched as cards and notebooks, the floral artwork easily lent itself to being used on the jars of candles and diffusers. So, after working closely with Richard Howard of Arcania Apothecary on a trio of natural scents, the Eloise Hall Life & Nature Collection was born. Richard’s career as a natural perfumer meant that the results were completely different from many of the more commercial ones that were available, and resulted in a style that seemed to fit any season. Natural diffusers are notoriously difficult when it comes to the projection of the scent, but Eloise’s trio absolutely deliver.

The fragrances take you on a journey from citrus, through aromatic, and finally into woody floral. Named Optimism, Pause, and Contentment, Eloise’s decision to focus on the feelings that are experienced during everyday life couldn’t be more relevant to our current situation. I reviewed her geranium and lavender themed Pause diffuser last year, as that was the one that stood out to me, but the more uplifting Optimism was the one I ordered at the beginning of lockdown. A beautiful citrus, but tempered with a depth that is unusual in that style, Optimism is the perfect diffuser to add a touch of positivity.

Described as “the perfect way to reawaken your senses at the end of a long day,” the fragrance combines the juicy notes of grapefruit and lemon with the almost aromatic quality that you get from the petitgrain. The latter’s delicate floral nuance is added to with the merest whisper of background rose, along with the aroma of sun dappled green grass, before the effect of pure countryside air really does make you hanker for your own spot in the sunshine. The uplifting citrus is expertly blended with the slightly deeper aromatic notes to make a scent that is perfect for any time of the year.

The Optimism Diffuser is available from the Eloise Hall website at priced at £29 for 100ml.

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