Monday 27 September 2021


When you hear the words “new release” it’s usually accompanied by a sinking feeling as you realise that there’s a hefty price tag attached to it. The majority of the latest perfume launches start from around £50 if you’re lucky and so, in the current climate of uncertainty, they're out of the reach of many people’s budgets. Happily there is one company that always treats us to an affordable release every year, and that’s Fragonard. Their highly successful Flower of the Year series is now in its second decade, and this year they’ve chosen to spotlight the delicious Fleur de la Passion by series regular Celine Ellena.

There can’t be many people who haven’t heard of the three famous perfumeries based in Grasse. You have Galimard and Molinard but, probably most well-known, Fragonard have arguably succeeded in dominating the town’s visitor experience. They are still most famous for the iconic Belle de Nuit, which they released in 1946, but many of their fragrances now manage to outshine even the largest companies on the high street. You’ll often find them reviewed and praised alongside the likes of Guerlain and Dior, but this family owned company are also not afraid to cater for more modest budgets.

When Fragonard launched their Flower of the Year series back in 2010, under the ever watchful eyes of the three sisters that now run the company, it was as a way of offering beautiful fragrances at an even more affordable price. The collection was designed to run alongside their existing perfumes, but it quickly became a firm favourite with their customers. Mimosa was chosen to be the first flower in the limited edition range and was followed by Fleur d'Oranger, Violette, Muguet, Pois des Senteurs, Jasmine, Iris, Pivoine, Verveine, Lavender and Magnolia. With such a varied selection, it’s always a delight to see what comes next.

Fleur de la Passion
, also known as Passion Flower, is being released after a very difficult year for many people. So it’s not surprising that Fragonard chose something that is uplifting and undeniably playful. They again asked Celine Ellena to create the fragrance, having become a regular contributor to the series, and she said that she wanted the perfume to “embody the many facets of this whirling, beguiling flower.” Celine seems to create her fragrances by combining almost watercolour-like washes of scent, and this style is what’s come to be expected from this collection. So, let’s enter the world of Fleur de la Passion.

The fragrance opens with a delicious cocktail of passion fruit and mango, and you get the really beautiful effect of mouth-watering sweetness. However, through the centre, you’re also treated to a blend of grapefruit and neroli that adds a sharpness to the scent. It’s interesting that an exquisite rose note in the heart isn’t mentioned in the description, because it’s definitely there alongside a red berry accord. The development of the fragrance sees cashmeran coming through, that wonderful aroma of smooth and gently spiced wood, and seamlessly pulls in the powdery and supporting musk. With a final nod to the sappy greenery that surrounds the flower, Fleur de la Passion is the uplifting and positive fragrance that we all need this year.

Fleur de la Passion is available from the Fragonard website at (which is once again shipping worldwide) priced at €19 for 50ml. The fragrance can also be found in the UK at Cologne & Cotton priced at £22. Fleur de la Passion is also available as a soap and a diffuser. [Product was purchased]

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